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    Is PhD in agriculture higher degree than ME in computer engineering?

    Doctorate in Agriculture vs ME - which is higher? A bride is pondering over. Check this page to get it clarified from our ISC experts.

    I have done Masters i.e. M.E. in Computer Engineering. Actually, I have got a marriage proposal from a guy who has done Ph.D. in Agriculture. I just wanted to know whether his degree is higher than mine. Since we are from a different field, so I just wanted a clear advice for this situation so that I could go ahead.
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  • A peculiar question. You must be aware that the field of Agriculture is totally different from the field of Computer Engineering. PhD Agriculture depends upon research and your degree in Computer Engineering is a professional degree. These two can't be compared.

    Furthermore, successful marriage depends upon compatibility and union of two minds and not upon the comparative study on academic degrees of husband and wife.

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  • Both the qualifications cannot be compared since both the fields deal with the subjects in detail where there cannot be comparasion. Ph.D in agriculture means that a fellow has carried out research independently under a guide who simply supervises of the progress of the thesis as alloted to him. The aspirant puts all his efforts to reproduce the research in such a way so that the other readers are benifited immensely with such a contribution.
    In your case, ME in Computer - engineering is a professional course giving you detailed insights in different domain of computer - field.
    To have a successful companion in the married life, both of you should understand the feelings of each other, sense of sacrifice and its implementation in practical life and should have intense love for each other.
    The later part is the single most important mantra to lead a happy married life.

  • Education qualification is nothing do with the finalisation of marriage. You should look for his family background, financial position and his habits and attitudes should be matching with yours. Then both of you can have a personal chat regarding your desires, ambitions and goals. If both of you are on similar lines and if both of you can have an adjustable mentality, you can go ahead. You need not think about what is the educational qualification. In your case, both of you are very well educated and both of you can get good jobs. So there should not be any problem if all other accepts are acceptable to you both.
    Coming to your question regarding M.Tech and PhD. In any subject PhD is the top qualification and it is a Doctorate degree. M. Tech is a PG course and after M.Tech, you can go for your PhD in your subject.
    Agricultural discipline is more a science-based course and PhD in that subject is based on the research carried out by the candidate. This is a specific degree given to an individual based on the quality of the work carried out. There are no written tests for this. Only a Thesis is to be submitted in which his original research work is to be presented with the information about his scientific publications. This book will be adjudicated by the experts in the subject. Then a viva will be conducted and then the degree is awarded. M.Tech is awarded based on the written exams and project work carried out and it is a professional degree. Both are different fields and we should not compare each other. However, PhD is the highest qualification one can get.

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  • PhD is highest degree in any field.After M.E you can do PhD.
    From job prospects ME Computer Science graduates generally get higher salary and more opportunity in industry than PhD Agriculture.
    In academics both has similar opportunities and salary.
    It is up to you to decide based on other parameters mention in the above posts

  • A very uncommon question to answer here I such a reputed study related website. In case of marriage do not judge your future partner by his education and job. Both of them are important factor in case of marriage but not the only factor for your marriage.
    Judge him with his behavior, his sense of humor, his intelligence etc. Also communicate with his family members as because you have to stay with your in laws. Try to know how they are. Also discuss with your life partners about your hobbies and the common interest of you two. It will help you to choose right partner for your marriage and also reduce the chances of future conflict.
    Now finally your main question. Both of the degrees are from different field where PhD in agriculture is higher than your's. PhD is done after doing your masters in relevant field.
    But in job sector ME in computer science and engineering get more salary than PhD in agriculture. Because industry sector pays higher than general sector.
    Although your future husband posses higher degree than you but he will earn less than you.

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