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    Name format problem in HS mark sheet

    Another query related to a name wrongly reflected in the Higher Secondary Examination certificate. Check this page to get guidance from our experts.

    I have passed Class 10 from Maharashtra board where the naming format is surname first then my first name and then father's name. I recently qualified from Assam Board where in my Class 12 mark sheet reflects the name just in the same format which is actually wrong. During my NEET counseling will affidavit be enough or anything more needed. Please guide me!
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  • You can consult a good reputed lawyer in your area and get an affidavit made and that will solve your problem. After getting the affidavit done, you have to apply to your board through the institute you have studied for correction in your certificate. You have to make an application in writing to the board and you have to attach a copy of your SSC certificate, a copy of the affidavit and original 12th certificate. Your institute head will forward it board and they will do the needful. As you SSC certificate carries the correct name, some states don't ask for affidavit also. So first you approach the institution where you have studied and discuss the problem and act accordingly.

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  • Sir but it would take enough time. Won't only the affidavit be enough during NEET counselling as it would be within 2 months.

  • Mr Jeet Dhar, there is no problem as it is acceptable. In some states this format is applied surname is written first then they write the name of the student. The counsellor of NEET also knows this fact and you are not only one candidate from Maharashtra. NEET is a national level examination. So, you need not worry. If there is a mistake in the spelling of name, surname or father's name, then go to correct it. For your satisfaction, you can present an affidavit. If there is a mistake in spelling then the response in this thread and I will provide you step by step procedure. But as far as format is concerned there is no need to worry. As we know the different format is used to show date and every format is acceptable. We also accept the format of Maharashtra in the school of M.P. similarly Maharashtra also accept our format of M.P.

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  • Sir let me clarify! But Assam board doesnt doesnt has this format and my name is written in Maharashtra board format that makes a completely wrong name! As in Maharashtra board its encoded surname first but in assam board its not encoded surname first but still its written in same format making it wrong.kindly guide me sir!

  • Let me know what is written on Maharashtra Board and Asam Board. For example:
    Maharashtra Board: Kuwakhedawala Hakimuddin Noman Bhai
    Madhya Pradesh Board: Hakimuddin Noman Bhai Kuwakhedawala
    Is it written in this manner? Or there are some other mistakes. Please clarify your question so that I would be able to guide you accordingly.

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  • In Maharashtra board-Dhar Jeet Debashish.
    Where it is format that surname first acc to maharashtra board.
    But in assam board also written Dhar Jeet Debashish where there is no such format. Thus in assam board certificate my name is wrong. Kindly guide me

  • In any organization,schools,government offices there may be chances of same name and initials,it is becoming necessary to differentiate the father's name is important. It is highly advised to get the certificate corrected. For this you have approach the necessary management 'in person' with the documents with correct name of your father rather than writing to them letters by letters. If you are delaying for correcting this, it may take time to the concerned school/college/university, in later stage, for tracing the records for correction.

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