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    How to improve eye sight

    can you please tell me that how can one improve his/her eyesight.
    i m 20 years old and my power is -2.0.

    please tell me some way to improve my eyesight

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  • Hello

    The best way to improve your diet is that you should take care of your diet. Eat the food items which are rich in Vitamin A like carrot, spinach, milk products, tomatoes, blueberry juice, turnip, and many other which are very good source of Vitamin A will defiantly help you to get good eye sight. Drink carrot juice mix with amla juice regularly for one month and see the difference itself.

    You can also use Triphla powder easily available in the market or any other good eye drop which you can use regularly this will also help you. Do some exercise for the eyes it will also improve the eye sight.

    With regards

    Pooja Gupta

  • Hi,

    Rub gently on your eyelash everyday morning when you wake up...

    Eat cooked green leaves items as much as you can...

    Drink milk items and try to avoid salty items...

    As above told by Puja...yes, try to have natural items which contains Vitamin A, such as Carrot, spinach and turnip etc. try to have these items with half boiled which gives more benefit than over boiled, and try to have boiled egg without yolk if you can...

    Do not shower very hot water as some people used to do...and apply coconut oil for your head at least once in a week before 3 hours to shower or at night to shower next day...Gently head massage also preferable...

    Very very important is try to avoid long time observation at one place and try to divert your sight often here and there. Also, try to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per day in your age and less and more sleep in this age is not preferable.

    In addition, if you are using computer for long time, make sure that it has anti-glare or anti-reflection, and it applies the same for television.

    All the best...

    Hafeezur Rahman
    ISC & IRC Gold member

  • Have a well balanced diet rich in vitamins. Eat green leafy vegetables. Carrot, mango, papaya are rich in vitamin A. Eat fruits like amla, orange.
    Read more -
    Benefits of Breakfast
    Delay Aging
    Stop worrying much. Excess stress will make you look old earlier. It leads to dark circles below eyes. One shouldn't smoke & drink alcohol.
    Read in adequate light. If you have refractive error, use glasses regularly otherwise it will cause eye strain & power may increase. This can also cause headache
    Adequate sleep & rest is essential for good health of eyes. Don't overstrain your eyes.
    Use sunglasses. This will give protection from damaging effect of UV rays. This also prevents dark circles.
    Wash eyes with cold water 3-4 times a day. While working on computer, blink frequently to avoid dryness & discomfort. Use lubricant eye drops if necessary.
    Avoid use of any eye drop containing steroid unless an eye doctor tell you.
    Old people should consider tablet containing antioxidant to avoid age related macular degeneration related problem which can affect eye sight permanently. They should get eyes checked once in every 4 months.

  • Hi,

    Healthy habits can improve eye sight. Consume adequate amounts of vitamins A, C and E. You can improve your eye vision by eating Spinach, carrot, blackberry, bell peppers, broccoli and brussels Sprouts, milk and soya beans etc .

    Vitamin A is an important nutrient to improve eyesight. Consume Spinach and carrots because they contain a significant amount of Vitamin A. Soya beans, turnip, milk, cheese, tomatoes, orange and green peas are also good source of vitamin A.

    Take Amla (gooseberry) with honey and other option, mix honey with carrot juice.

    You can do regular practice of yoga and eye exercises can improve eyesight.

  • Hello Vijay,

    I also have weak eye sight but I have found few good techniques which are very helpful in making your vision clear slowly and gradually. These are as follows:

    1. Kapalbhati(Yoga): It is one of the best known breathing Yoga exercise that almost every Indian is aware of due to the grace of Swami Ramdev. It is very helpful in improving the eyesight. Close your one nostril and take a long breath from the other and then release it from the other. The time taken to inhale should be equal to that of exhaling. Practice it for half an hour daily in the morning hours in an open and fresh environment. It will provide you with good results.

    2. Foccusing a Dot: For this technique, cut a piece of paper and mark a small dark black dot on it. Paste it on the wall of your room. Try to focus on that dot from a distance of 25 inches without blinking of eyes. Try to perform it for five minutes. It has also proved helpful in restoring the eye sight.

    3. Diet: Diet also matters a lot in order to improve the eye sight. Green leafy vegetables like, spinach,capsicum,radish leaves are very good for eyes. Their continuous inclusion in the diet improves the eye sight.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

  • Some of the ways how you can keep your eyes healthy are as follows:-
    1)Eat green leafy vegetables-
    Eating green vegetables is considered good for the eyes. You should be in love for spinach if you want to keep eyes healthy.

    2) Have proper Sleep-
    Proper sleep is necessary for the body as a whole and also for the eyes. It is recommended to give rest to eyes after every 5-10 minutes. This helps to relieve the eye.

    3)Wash your eyes-
    It is always said that washing eyes and keeping it hydrated helps to keep it healthy. Some experts even advice that blinking the eyes after every 5-10 minutes help to keep them hydrated.

    4)Eat fruits rich in beta-carotene-
    Have fruits and vegetables like carrot which keep them healthy.

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