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    I got married in 1983. Can I get a marriage certificate now?

    Wondering how to get a Marriage certificate for those who got married long back, say 1983 in the present case? What could be the procedure in such scenario? Let us find out from our Experts to know about this.

    I am a Hindu and got married in the year 1983 through traditional Hindu marriage system. Now, I require a marriage certificate for certain purpose. Can I get a marriage certificate now? In case, yes then what is the procedure? To whom should I approach for the purpose?
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  • Yes, Absolutely. You can get your marriage certificate from the municipal corporation of the city where your marriage was performed. You need to contact the respective department for marriage certificate. Normally you will require copies of following documents.
    1. Marriage invitation card
    2. Identity proof and address proof of both husband and wife
    3. Two persons as witnesses
    4. Marriage certificate form with stamps

    These are the necessary documents but you can inquire for more information at the respective department.

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  • Marriage certificate is issued by the state Govt and generally the formalities and application form submission is done in the office of sub divisional magistrate or any other authorised officer in your area. There is an option of submitting the application online also.

    On submission of application an appointment date will be given on which you have to visit their office along with your spouse. There will be a detailed document verification like date of birth, address proof, Voter card or Aadhar card or driving license etc. You will have to deposit a nominal fee of Rs 100 also.

    In addition to above two passport sized photographs, one marriage photograph, marriage invitation card and separate Marriage Affidavits in prescribed format from you and your spouse will be required.

    They will ask you to present a witness of the marriage also. The witness will be required to produce his identity and address proof also.

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  • You can get your marriage certificate from the office of Additional Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction any of the husband or wife resides, during 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on any working day
    The following documents are required for applying Marriage Certificate
    Age Proof of Bride & Bridegroom: Leaving Certificate OR Passport OR Birth Certificate OR Domicile Certificate OR PAN Card
    Residential Proof of Bride & Bridegroom: Ration Card OR Passport OR Election Card OR Light Bill And Telephone Bill Of Own Name
    Proof of Witness (3):- Ration Card OR Passport OR Election Card OR Driving Licence OR Govt. Identity Card.
    Wedding Card ( In Case Of Non-Availability Of Wedding Card Rs 100=00 Stamp Paper Affidavit Of Both Husband Wife And Three Witnesses Is Required )
    Rs. 100=00/- Court Fee Stamp
    Two (2) Joint photographs of both bridegroom & bride in b2 size or 2 by 3 size.
    All Above documents are to be submitted along With Original + 1 Attested Xerox Copy
    The Parties (Bride & Groom) and three witnesses to the marriage Should appear In person before the Registrar and sign the memorandum or other papers as per the condition in the particular state.

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  • I got married on 20th November, 1999 as per following the rituals of Hindu marriage. I got the marriage certificate on 20th February, 2011. I applied with the marriage invitation card, witnesses, date of birth of myself and that of my wife and address proof, and got it without any hassle (although I had expected problems because I applied after a long time).

    I think you can also get the certificate from the municipal corporation of the city where your marriage was solemnized in 1983.

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  • Yes.there are certain provisions and procedures with the registration authorities. you approach personally to the register office located at the place near to the ration/aadhaar card address. You need not even go to the office personnel instead you approach the shop persons nearby the register office meant for job/document typing as they know entire procedures and they will suggest to bring exactly required papers to finish the work easily.

  • Yes, you can get the marriage certificate. The complete procedure for getting the marriage certificate is here:
    1. Visit your municipality office and get the form of making marriage certificate.
    2. Fill the form and submit the form to the office with the following documents:
    a. Marriage invitation cards from both the sides. (IF not available go to any computer shop and print it)
    b. Identity proof of both of you.
    c. Affidavits of both of you.
    d. Two persons as a witness and their affidavits.
    3. Submit the form to the office and pay the charges.
    4. After 15-20 days you will be provided by marriage certificate.
    In some state Lok Seva office also fill online form for the same. If Lok Seva is available in your area please visit and fill online form for the same.

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  • Yes you can get marriage certificate now. Submit application with all the required documents such as marriage card, address proof, photo,. Certificate from pristine if do not have wedding card. Go to marriage registration office with your spouse and two witness. Deposit the fee, very nominal 10-15 rupees. After sometime you will get the marriage certificate.

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  • You will have to be present in the marriage registration office and from this office, you would know the detailed procedure how to initiate the case for the procurement of marriage certificate.
    The other option would be to approach a lawyer in the office of sub divisional magistrate with the following copies.
    1) Marriage - invitation cards of both the parties ( Husband and Wife)
    2) Identity - proof of both of you such as Voter- ID card, Aadhar card, Rationn- card etc.
    3) Residential - proof
    4) Form of Marriage Registration- Certificate - to be filled up later on. The lawyer would assist you if contacted.
    5) Affidavit of both - husband and wife.
    6) Two witness for each party to be present during the verification- process and their affidavits.
    7) Requisite amount of court - charges is required to be paid.
    Within a fortnight, you will be provided with the Marriage - Registration - certificate barring a few circumstances beyond the control of the court.

  • Yes, you can get your marriage certificate now although it is performed in 1983. There are certain procedure for it. So, if you are applying following the procedure it will be so easy to get marriage certificate.
    It can be done in the office in that place where the marriage performed. First you have to go your municipal office to collect the marriage registry form. Then fill it and sign it.
    Then go to the sub divisional magistrate office where the marriage registrations performed. Then ask them for the procedures of marriage registration. The officials will give you another date; in this date you have present with your spouse and relevant documents for proof of your marriage.
    You will need-
    1. Invitation card of your marriage.
    2. Two pictures of your marriage day where both bride groom clearly seen.
    3. Two passport sizes photograph of both of the applicant.
    4. Two witness
    5. Affidavit copy which shows your name and address.
    6. Filled up marriage registration form
    7. 100 rupees as court fee.
    8. Address proof of both bride groom and the witnesses also (ration card, voter I'd, Adhaar card etc.)
    Present all the documents in front Of the official. They will ask you some questions. After that the application process starts. You will get the certificate in 1-2 months.

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