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    Inquiry about the B.Ed 4 years integrated course

    Are you gearing up for MahaCet examination and Interested to know about the B.Ed integrated course and the eligibility criteria? Please find out from our ISC experts and check this page.

    I want to know about B.Ed course. In particular, I want to know about integrated 4 years course. What about someone who has already completed his Graduation and intends to do B Ed further? I would like to apply for the Mahacet entrance examination. I have already completed my B.Sc in 2016 and now looking forward to join educational program. Thus in need of details before Mahacet exam i. e before 9th June.
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  • B. Ed. integrated course is designed for the students who want to make his career in education. B. Ed. is generally done after the completion of graduation. You have to spend total 5 years to complete B. Ed. 3 years for graduation and 2 years for B.Ed. If you want to join integrated B. Ed. course, you have to choose B.Sc. B.Ed after intermediate. The total duration of this course is 4 years. You will be provided two certificates after completion of B.Sc, B. Ed. One for graduation and one for B. Ed.
    So, if a student wants to make his career in education, then he can join this B. Ed. integrated course.

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  • B.Ed integrated course is offered by some institutes and Universities and the eligibility criteria for admission is 12th or Inter pass and the selection will be on the basis of entrance test and the rank you obtained in the entrance test will decide about your securing a seat in the course.
    Now coming to your particular case, you have already completed your B.Sc. So now you can better join in only B.Ed. This is 2-year course and you can get a seat by getting qualified in the entrance test. This course is 2 years and once you complete this course you will have a better chance of getting a government teaching job.
    Don't think of integrated course but join in 2 year B.Ed and complete it.

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  • There are two ways in securing the B.Ed degree. The first step is to complete the graduation- course of three years of a recognised university and later a degree of B.Ed consisting of two years has to be secured from a recognised university. This would take five year in completion of this dual course.
    The next option is to concentrate on clearing upon a written test of a reputed university offering you an integrated course of completion of both a degree of a graduation - level in your chosen field and B.Ed degree itself. In that way, you can save a year time by choosing such a combination since total consumption of time in this case is for both degrees is four years where the usual time would have been five years.
    In your case, it would be better to undertake a course of B.Ed of two years duration from a recognised university since you have already completed B.Sc level. You must make a target of achieving of 55 percent marks in the B.Ed level for the better career prospects in the teaching profession.

  • BEd is the mandatory degree required for a career in teaching. One can go for the integrated course after class XII or go for 2 years course after graduation. Both the options are there.

    As you have already completed your graduation, the 2 years BEd course will be sufficient for your purpose. If you have interest in teaching line then you can think of even joining post graduation and afterwards going for NET exam for qualifying for lecturer ship. That will be a better career option.

    After post graduation there are opportunities for lecturer ship in private colleges also. Anyway, you have to select the best option as per your interest and aptitude.

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  • If you wants to become a teacher then you must have B.ed degree. If you wants to teach particular subject and field then for that you must have Phd degree. Post graduate students can apply for NET exam. If you qualified in this exam you'll become lecturer in colleges and universities. For Universities it is essential for you to clear NET(National Eligibility Test) exam conducted by UGC.

  • Hi,
    From your question it is clear that you already completed your graduation degree. So, why are you going to do an integrated bed. Degree?
    BEd degree is basically done by the students who wants to make their career in education line. So, if you have decided to take teaching as a career options then you must have a BEd degree.
    BEd can be done in two way. One is after 3 years graduation you can take 2 years BEd degree. Here you have to spend 5 years time in total. Another is the integrated BEd which can be done after your higher secondary classes. Here you have to spent total 5 years of time. Here you get two separate certificate. One after your graduation and another is after completion of Bed degrees. Here you can save 1 year time.
    But you have already done your graduation for 3 years. As per my opinion you should take 2 years BEd degree, because if you take integrated BEd now it will take 4 years which means wastage of 2 another year and there is no justification to do that because you already have a bachelor's degree. A 4 year integrated BEd is also wastage of money too.
    Moreover in many examination and institutions they only allow 2 years full time BEd course for their educational criteria. So, as you now completed your graduation degree, there is no need to pursue a 4 years integrated BEd degree.

  • As you have completed your Graduation, there is no need for you to take admission in integrated B.Sc/B.A/B.Com + B.Ed. courses. I would advise you to take admission in the B.Ed. course offered by any UGC-recognized university, complete the course in stipulated time (two years) and apply for teaching vacancies. Absolutely no need to waste 4 long years to attend this integrated course.

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  • B.Ed is a mandatory requirement for teaching in schools. It is required in high schools and as well as in Higher secondary schools. B.Ed is Degree course which can be studied after completing a normal degree program. Graduates or those who are having higher qualifications will be eligible to study this course. Earlier the B.Ed program's were 1 year. The academic program is revised and the duration has been increased to 2 years. If one person needs to complete B.Ed after graduating, then he or she needs 5 years for completing the whole schedule. The integrated B.Ed course can be performed after completing the 12th standard. The course duration is 4 years which is less than the traditional way of B.Ed course. The integrated B.Ed course is a dual degree program and at the end of the year, you will be getting two-degree programs.

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