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    Query related to HR reply on a mail asking for update on offer letter

    Did you get an offer from a Software company and they did go back at a later stage with some reason and confused of what to do? Be cool, here are few suggestions from our experts to handle such situations.

    I appeared for an interview for a Software job in which I cleared all the rounds and HR assured me that he will send the offer letter within few weeks.However, getting no update from HR even after a month, I have sent a mail asking for an update and got a response that she will be sharing the salary breakup by next week. But even after one week I did not receive any offer and I mailed her again where she replied me the same which she told earlier. Suddenly today she sent me a mail stating : "You have been selected but we don't have role to map your profile and hence the delay".
    Now I need your advice on how to deal with such matter, or will I get the offer or it will not be released?
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  • I think they selected you but due to some delay in getting their project finalised they may be delaying your appointment also. But you shouldn't go on waiting for that. You send a mail to HR saying that you are having some other offers also and you can't wait for a long period and ask them to inform you at least the most probable date of their appointment letter so that you can make a decision.
    In private organisations, you can't take anything granted. So expecting a letter from this company, don't stop attending interviews and sending applications to other companies. Try very sincerely, without thinking about your selected post. If any good chance comes you can join there instead of waiting for this job.

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  • Many companies plan advanced recruitment process for having manpower for a particular project or vacancy. It is a usual approach.

    Now many times it so happens that the project is delayed or the anticipated vacancy is not created. In such a situation the big companies release the appointment letter and hire the person but small companies on a cost cutting spree do not hire and delay the process on one pretext or other.

    In such circumstances the only way is to wait for appointment letter or give a notice that if the same is not received within such and such stipulated time then the individual will be joining elsewhere for which offer has already been received. This may work but you should have some offer in hand.

    Presently, the job positions are very limited and demand is less than the supply of qualified people. Many companies are managing with the existing work force and recruiting only when it is very very necessary.

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  • In your case the explanation given is not fully satisfied. There may be some thing in their side in the selection process. If your application and interview is really satiable issuing orders is not a problem. So, my advise to you is not to waste your time in that particular company.

  • I think the company selected you considering some projects.Since the project is delayed or they didnt get it they are delaying your offer letter.This is common in many IT companies and some time they will cancel the offer made.
    So it is better you try in other companies than waiting for the offer letter.
    After getting other job offer letter you can inform the HR.If you get the offer letter then you can decide which company to chose based on the job profile,projects and company's financial conditions etc.

  • When you ask for the offer letter status through the mail, you must ask your inner mind whether enough time has been lost when you approached the last time with them. The companies always release the offer letters in delay, because currently, they will not have vacancies in filling up your post. You need to wait for a period of 30 days for getting a reply from the HR. If you do not get a reply within this time frame it is advised to give a simple email in the communication which will help them to identify you.

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