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    What is the procedure of obtaining family based green card?

    Are you interested in knowing about the procedure of obtaining a family-based green card? Please find out the same from our ISC experts and check out this page to know more.

    Green cards are issued by the US government to eligible persons for permanently staying in US. There are various categories of eligibility under which green cards are issued. My requirement is to go ahead for family based green card. What is the procedure of obtaining family based green card?
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  • Are you currently staying in the United States? To obtain a Green Card as a family preference immigrant, the following are the requirements:
    Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status is to be filed.
    An Inspection will be conducted. Then you are admitted or paroled into the USA.
    If you are physically present in the USA at the time of applying in From I-485, you may receive an immigration Visa.
    An immigrant visa will be given to you at the time you file your Form I-485 and till the time USCIS makes a final decision on your application
    Generally, to be eligible to adjust status, you should be present in the United States after the inspection, by an immigration officer.
    Eligibility criteria for getting an Immigrant Visa
    An approved Form I-130 filed on your behalf or
    A pending Form I-130 or
    A Form I-130 filed together with your Form I-485.

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  • First of all go through following link of USCIS for eligibility. Only immediate relation can sponsor for Green card.
    As mentioned before there are lot of verification steps before you file for permanent residence. Please go through following link of process it is called adjustment of status. Basically moving you from current visa to GC status.
    I-485 is required to file if you are eligible for family sponsor. Please go through link and submit papers to respective US consulate.

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