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    Does Buddhism comes under SC/ST?

    Wondering whether Buddhism is considered as a reserved category? Searching for the answers here? On this Ask Expert page get to know more about this caste.

    There are lot of religion conversion nowadays specially in name of minority and reservations. Buddhism is accepted recently and every year on special holidays of Buddhism. Now there are lot of interesting facts and misunderstanding of conversion as many Hindu inter-cast marriage couples preferring to convert Buddhism and follow one religion caste and top is that they get minority and reservations through SC/ST.
    Experts please advise does Buddhism comes under SC/ST?
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  • I want to say that Buddhist does not come under the SC or ST. The category is based on caste not of religion. Buddhism is a religion and not a cast. You can convert your religion but you can not convert your caste. As the caste is based on the birth. So, converting your religion will not convert your caste.

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  • The reservation categories are based on caste. SC and ST are two group which contain separate castes. They have reservations in government schools, colleges and jobs.
    Buddhism is a religion like Hindu, Muslim etc. Buddhism is a minority religion in India. There are some reservations for minorities.
    You can convert from one religion to another religion. But you can't convert from one caste to another caste.
    Any caste person can change his religion but not caste.

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  • Buddhism is a religion. But Buddhists in India get the benefit of caste-based reservation. If we go into little bit details, there are some SCs/STs/OBCs who converted from Hinduism to Buddhism following B.R. Ambedkar. They are now called 'neo-Buddhists' and they still avail the benefit of caste-based reservation in study and jobs India.

    If the author wants further information, he/she should mention clearly the specific information which he/she needs.

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  • If a person of any religion adopts Buddhism, he does not qualify for reservation in jobs until unless he is already SC/ ST beforehand.

    The Govt has time to time defined and categorised certain backward communities and certain tribes as SC/ ST and they are notified in Govt documents and notifications accordingly.

    So only these people can claim benefits given for SC / ST by Govt in various schemes. If such people join Buddhism, they remain SC / ST.

    If a brahmin or likewise caste person joins Buddhism, he does not qualify to be a SC/ ST.

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  • First thing you should understand about SC and ST is their full forms.
    SC- Schedule Caste
    ST- Schedule Tribe.

    Buddhism is a religion just like any other religion of the world, like the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh , Christian , Jain, Ayyavazhi etc.
    The reserved castes or tribes are a small part of a religion.
    Lots of castes makes one religion and the castes which are of lower standard.
    According to Google Meaning of Schedule Caste- the official name given in India to the lowest caste, considered 'untouchable' in orthodox Hindu scriptures and practice, officially regarded as socially disadvantaged.

    So do not get confused for Buddhism to be SC or ST. It's neither a caste nor a tribe but a big religion.
    Buddhism have 376 millions of followers worldwide.

  • Buddhism is only a religion and not a caste and some of them who are in SC and ST category are following Buddhism because B.R Ambedkar has supported Buddhism and the religion of Buddhism believes in equality. B.R Ambedkar has violated the teachings of Buddha by making a strange amendment in the Indian Consitution and thereby allowing reservations to SC and ST category.

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  • Buddhism is a religion associated with Lord Buddha. In India Buddhism was spread due to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. However he studied the original religion ,researched and read many texts on Buddhism. He was inspired by the religion a lot .As it gives equal rights and no class of tribes in it,Mr.Ambedkar was against the faulty customs in Hinduism .He tried a lot to remove these customs of inequality but it was impossible. In search of a religion where one gets respect he adopted Buddhism. But it was Neo-Buddhism .Buddhism talks a lot about monks and their lifestyle and karma which is really not possible to be followed by all. Ambedkar's Neo Buddhism does not talk about any monk lifestyle or rebirth and karma. Hence there is a difference. Also reservation were made based on caste as it was required that time. Also constitution came into act in 1950 however he adopted Neo Buddhism later few weeks before his death.

  • No, it's not that. Buddhism is a religion like Hindu and Muslims so don't confuse yourself about it.

    This is true that Buddhism doesn't believe in caste as our Hindu religion does. Most of the SC and ST adopt Buddhism due to this reason. When an SC adopts Buddhism then he does change his religion but his social status almost remains same. He is still eligible to apply for the reservation. Most of the people correlate Buddhism with scheduled caste because Dr BR Ambedkar was a follower of Buddhism.


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  • No, the people of Buddhism cannot be included in Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Some time in the Supreme Court, such a case came in which the judge ordered that there is no entry of Buddhism as Adi Dravid in the Scheduled Caste list prescribed under the Constitution. Due to the lack of such notification, people of this community cannot be given SC certificate.
    Along with Dalit castes, there are 17 backward castes including Kahar, Kewat, Mallah, Nishad, Kumhar, Kashyap, Bind, Prajapati, Driver. , Bihar, Rajbhar, Dheemar, Batham, Turaha, Manjhi, Fisherman, and Godiya can now get the Scheduled Caste Certificate.
    Currently, many people are trying to change their religion due to reservation and many such applications are submitted in different offices but they are rejected. Some also appeal to the court, but this is not according to the constitution. Already some articles have been set in the constitution which lists all the castes which have been included in this list based on appropriate criteria.
    Joining the list of Scheduled Castes and Tribes is not just for government jobs or other facilities but it is a provision made by the framers of the Constitution to provide justice to the backward classes in the society, and also to them at the social and economic level. Freedom to live a respectful life.
    The present situation is getting different and some people are taking the wrong advantage of these facilities, which is completely wrong. While respecting the constitution of the country, the benefit of this provision should be given to those who really need it. Tribes are still living in remote areas far away from society and are probably not even aware of their rights.

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