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    Need for a website name for my online ecommerce startup

    Interested in naming an ecommerce website? Searching for a suitable name? Find suggestions from experts to your query here.

    I want to open an online ecommerce store, which is basically a market place where different seller can place their product and they can sell it.
    So for this I need a name which should be short, catchy and memorable. And it should be unique just like flipkart, amazon,snapdeal, alibaba and the list goes.
    Can you suggest a name for me.
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  • The naming will be your choice and you can select the name you like and as per your preference.
    Gooddeal, quickbuy, itsforyou, thebestplace are a few examples which are coming to my mind.

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  • There are many names we can try like getit, yourshop, atozofeverything, buydeals etc.

    Only point to remember is there is a lot of rush in the internet for catchy or attractive names and people might have taken them by now and you may have to go for the slight variation in them or go for different suffix. For example if is not available, you can try or and like that.

    Another important thing is some net companies simply purchase these catchy names and keep with them only to sell it later on premium to the needy person. Just keep this thing in mind while going to buy a domain name.

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  • When you start an e-commerce startup you need a website which catches your business needs. and are examples of growing your business. Keep your URL short, so that many people can understand your business and locate you very easily. We can see that E-commerce is increasing day by day and if you stand out from this crowd only you can succeed your business year after year.

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  •, can be some names.
    If you want you can have your name or surname incorporated e.g if your surname is Wadhwa then, wadhwashoppingjunction etc. is one of the website where you can sell your products. You can upload pics of your product. You can have book order interface page for your customers.
    It is a good option for a start up business where you don't have to wait for your own free or paid website getting created.
    They give you 14 days free trial .It means you can get time to observe if the new business is giving you the desired profit or not and make changes accordingly Also they ask you go give a name to your business so you can use your desired name and observe if it is attracting people .

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