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    How to use superscript and subscript in excel sheet.

    Are you preparing a school program in excel sheet? Searching the detailed procedure to use superscript and subscript in the excel sheet? Find Advice from experts here.

    I have prepared a school programme in excel sheet. I have used many formulas and a very good result programme has prepared by me. But I am not aware about how to use superscript and subscript in excel sheet. At one place I have to use superscript for the A+ grade.
    Can you help me?
    Please, let me know how to use superscript and subscript in excel sheet.
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  • You follow the following procedure.
    Formatting the text as superscript or subscript can be carried out as given below:
    Type the text as usual, with regular sized letters, and press Enter.
    After that double click inside that cell and select the characters to become superscript.
    Then Right click on your selection and then choose "Format cells…". Alternatively, you can click Ctrl+1)
    Check the "Superscript" box and click OK.
    Now click outside the cell. You will get the matter as you anted.

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  • It is very easy to use superscript and subscript features of MS-Excel. If you wants to apply superscript on A+ then select + symbol and right click on your selection. After right clicking on the selection, there is an option of format cells. Click on format cells, a new dialog box is open whether there are many options like fonts, font style, font size, color and effects. Under effects there are three options strikethrough, superscript and subscript. After selection click on any those three effects to make changes. Those effects are checkboxes you need to click on check to apply effects.

  • First, select the characters in the cells which you need to format in excel sheet. In the Home tab, click on the Font Group and Font settings dialog box will appear. Press CTRL and 1 button together and the Effects Box will appear. Under the Effects, tab clicks on the superscript or subscript box and then click ok button. Then you can see that the effects are changed in the excel sheet.

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