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    Command prompt to find history of internet browser

    Have few technical queries about usage of computers? Searching for information online? Find advice from experts here to know more about the commands to find the browser history and creating a shared drive in LAN.

    1)What is the command to find internet browser history through command prompt in windows 7/xp?

    Note:- including all browsers(chrome/Firefox/opera) in the windows OS ?
    Command to find all commands in the OS system.

    2),How to create shared drive in LAN connection connected to the system?
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  • When you browse to a web page, your PC will request the IP Address for that website from DNS server and then keeps them on your computer for some time.
    You can see these for yourself by opening up a command prompt and typing in ipconfig /displays to see the full list of old history of your internet used sites.
    A complete information will appear, to the point that all of it can't fit in the command prompt. What you can do is take the output of the command and send it to a text file somewhere on your computer
    ipconfig /displaydns > c:\desired location
    You open that file you'll see information regarding the websites you've visited directly or indirectly.

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  • You can easily watch history of your internet browser by go to history option of your internet browser. If history of your internet browser is deleted by someone then you can also watch by using CMD. First run command prompt as an administrator and type ipconfig/ displaydns and press enter. It shows the address of every website visited. Talk about second question then first create a folder or drive you want to share and go to properties option by right clicking on the folder or drive. open "Computer"
    Right click on the drive you want to share and go to the "share with" sub section and click on "Advanced Sharing"
    Then click on the "Advanced Sharing" button
    Click on "Share this folder"
    Name it what ever you want it to show up on the network as
    Then click on permissions and select " Allow full control"
    Press Apply and Okay option. That's it!!

  • Open the web browser whichever, it can be either Google, Mozilla, Opera or anything. Just open the Web browser. Hold the CTRL button and type the Alphabet letter H in the keyboard together with the CTRL button and you can see that a slide bar will appear to the left side of your browser and click on the view button and you can see your history details.

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