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    After graduation what is more important pursuing higher studies or doing job?

    Confused between higher studies and job after graduation? Wondering which is the best choice? No worries, remove your confusion by going through the responses from experts on this page.

    I wanted to ask this question as I am very confused about what to do after graduation. I have job in my hand. But with the job I also wanted to study further.
    My question is: What will be the right choice: doing job or pursuing higher studies?
    I am selected for the role of credit officer.
    What is the scope if I start working as a credit officer?
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  • Two things are to be taken into consideration for deciding the course of action after graduation.
    1. The individual's interest: If the individual wants to start earning immediately or he wanted to continue studies. Some will have interest in studies, but some want a job. What is your priority?
    2. Family financial position: If financial position is good and the parents can afford further investment on money or not. This is also to be taken into consideration.
    These days getting a job is very difficult. But fortunately, you got a job. My suggestion to you is to join in the job. Try to understand the job requirements and obtain the confidence of the seniors and bosses. Once you are settled well there you can go for private part-time study and you can improve your study.
    Finally, the Job you got is I think from a private company. The job here surely depends on your performance. If you perform well you will get good prospects in this company itself or otherwise, you can go for another company with the experience you obtained here.

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  • Parents first duty is to give their children basic education that is upto School final. Rest is the interest of the children to select any higher education. It is pertaining to the family situation. If the condition prevails that the opting for job then the selection of yours is job. If it is not necessary to make your parents or family to depend on your employment and earnings you are free to opt higher education. To day the job seeking is not so easy and many people those who finished graduation are waiting in the line by expecting suitable job. Many of them by thinking so wasting their life time also. It is better if you can get a job for your school final qualification either by influence or otherwise. As the opportunity of continuing education to our level of interest is high now as many recognized universities are offering Distance Education in almost all faculties. So, you can continue your higher studies through the correspondence course as of your interested subject but only thing you should not get stagnated as lazy in finishing your course and should have much confidence once you joined in any correspondence course to finish the degree. Wish you all the best.

  • The job position in the market is deteriorating day by day and there is no certainty that a person will get a better job with more and more qualification. In such a situation it is prudent to join the job in hand and then pursue higher education of one's interest through correspondence or evening classes.

    The duties of a credit officer in a financial organisation generally involve the scrutinising and reviewing loan applications, assessment of clients financial status and evaluation of creditworthiness and associated risks. This is an interesting assignment if you have interests in the financial world. So joining this job will help you to gain experience in this important and strategic area and will also help you in switching the jobs from one place to another.

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  • The answer depends on various factors and situations of the candidate student.
    If the family or person needs financial support immediately, then job is the immediate priority. But the family financial situation is good and can afford to support a few more years further study, then iis better to pursue some suitable and relevant further higher course of study.
    Similarly if the age of the person is in late twenties, the better to join a job. But if it is normal age , and has not lost any academic year, then further study is not bad.
    If the candidate has some specific goals and ambitions, and is very clear about the what, where and how of achieving that, then he should pursue the best higher study course for achieving that goal.

    Another factor is how was the till now academic graph. If the graph was a climbing one, and the person feels that he can continue the trend and excel in the further course also, then he can pursue the higher studies with confidence. If the past academic graph was declining and the student is not confident of fetching good grades , then it is better to join a job.
    There are some areas or jobs, where there is not much scope of pursuing higher academic learning in that field ot subject. If so it is better to finish the maximum possible degree/course on that which can fetch a good job at start itself.
    But if the study is a general course, which can be pursued for higher learning by distance education, non-formal education etc, then it is better to join a job and then continue the studies along with the job.

    If you are an excellent student till now, and you are sure to get admission fo your dream course in a good reputed institution, and that you are sure you can put up hard work and excel yours elf in that course also, and the job after that will be a better one than what you may get now, then better pursue higher studies.
    Otherwise, and if the family situation needs support from you, join a job and pursue higher studies relevant for further career growth in that job or field.

    (There was a GD in ISC forum "Opting for a career before pursuing higher studies or vice-versa - active GD". You may get some more inputs from that too)

  • your question has the hidden connotation that you are interested in none or interested in both . when you have to choose between two boring choices or two equally interesting choices , you get confused. Nobody can give you a satisfactory advice but you will have to find what is right for you . Higher education is necessary and later in life you may not be able to pursue it . Job gives you financial security and should be the choice if there are financial constraints in your life .
    If you want to study something you love and want to fathom the depth of subject matter, than you should go with it .
    Most of the wrong decisions are made because we allow our emotions and insecurities to mold our decisions . Most of these emotions are a result of the immense pressure exerted by family, society and friends and our psyche . so, stand on your feet , get in your shoes , cast away all insecurities and take the decision with a calm mind.

  • It is always better to do higher study. After graduation it is recommended to do post graduation for the specification in the subject. But if your financial condition is poor and your parent cannot bear your higher study , I will suggest you do offered job and get post graduation degree from any distance university like IGNOU. But remember regular study is better than distance education. Now, you have to dicide which is better for you. If finace is not a matter I would like to suggest you go for further study.

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  • Before getting anyone's opinion you have to think about the amount of time and money you or your parents going to invest in you if you are preferring higher studies as an option. Higher education is good if you do it in a better institution rather doing in an unpopular or not well-established institute. Goal setting comes as a primary thing before taking any big decisions in life. If you are a science or an Engineering graduate getting post graduation is important only if you are interested in research or in academic teaching. If your undergraduate is in Business Administration or Business Management then Masters will help a lot in understanding and explore new things. However, this happens again in a better way only if you plan your Masters in institutions like IIM's.

    Education is always a good option as it unleashes new doors in our brain and it is better if you do it before loans, EMI's and marriage commitments. As the aforesaid commitments will take a lot of your time and energy, so you might miss the opportunity of higher education lately. Don't take this as a discouragement, I am seeing so many people who do well in their education careers even after marriage, but again it all depends on the individual circumstances and abilities.

  • It is very difficult to answer this question and the answer to this question varies from person to person If a person wants to join Government service, then Graduation is sufficient. He/She can prepare for competitive examinations six months or so with utmost dedication and start appearing in the examinations. Even to appear in the Indian Civil Services Examination of State Public Services Examination, Graduation in any stream is sufficient.

    On the other hand, if a person is interested in the teaching profession or wants to get engaged in research in a chosen field, he/she should go for higher studies immediately after Graduation.

    The financial background of the candidate also has an impact in taking a suitable decision regarding the higher study.

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  • It depends on your career goal,field and financial condition.
    If your financial condition is not good then join the job and do part time courses while working.There are many universities offering part time courses ( Masters to PhD) for working professionals.
    If the company you got job is good join there and do part time courses while working.
    If you are not happy about the company or job profile do full time courses and try for job again.
    In any case Masters degree will help you in career growth

  • It will be good if you go for an MBA education. This will boost up your profile and can help in achieving your targets properly. Every year there is the common level entrance exam for MBA like CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP. You can apply for any one of these exams and get prepared for the exam. There are good Institutes which offer you best education for the MBA.
    1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
    2.Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
    3.Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.
    4.Xavier Institute of Management, Bhuwaneshwar.

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  • Please do consider doing any further course that will enable you to go up the career ladder very quickly. Only two factors need to be considered very seriously.

    First is your passion. Please do remember, only those who are passionate about something will succeed so well. A.R. Rahman, for instance, is so passionate about his job of music direction. He makes millions and money is nothing to him.

    Once you have chosen your calling, everything will fall in place. The most important second thing is your family position. Today, the entire world is commercial. Except your parents, and possibly your own brothers and sisters, no one will ever help you. This means that you are the master of your own fate.

    So, decide on something only after you have made your home work, so well. Courses in interior design, travel and tourism management and so on, offer you huge opportunities to make very successful and lucrative careers. Likewise, it is also important that the most important decision has to be taken only by you. Today, there are enough opportunities to join a job, work in it in a Managerial position and then do an Executive MBA., There are a huge number of institutes in Pune and Mumbai, offering such courses. There is also this prestigious college called the Indian School of Business, where you can do the one year PGDM course as well.

    Remember to do enough home work, Identify your passion and then your readiness. Take the plunge after enough deliberation. You may seek advise but do not consult so many people, as that will only confuse you. All the very best.

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