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    What is the difference between BCS and B.Sc. (Computer Science)

    Confused between BCS and B.Sc. (Computer Science) courses? Get your confusion sorted out by learning about the what is taught in each of these programs as well as what eligibility requirements are needed.

    I would like to know how B.C.S. course differs from that of B.Sc. (Computer Science)? Is the syllabus different? Are there varied eligibility criteria for each?
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  • BCS and B.Sc Computer science are bachelor level degree courses only. B.Sc Computer science will be a course in which you have to study another two science subjects in group subjects like physics, mathematics etc, That means in B.Sc(Computer Science), computer science is one of the three group subjects you study.
    BCS is basically a course which deals with computer science only. They teach more about computer applications and various programming languages etc.
    There is no major difference between the two as far as the curriculum and career prospectus are considered. The software companies these days are going for graduates and same importance is being given by them to the candidates having either of the degrees.
    B.Sc(CS) is a common course available in many colleges but BSC is offered by a few colleges only.

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  • Basically both the courses will lead you a degree of graduation level and in terms of higher studies or employment there does not exist any difference.
    Looking at the cirriculam of the courses, you would notice a difference between the two in terms of their courses of studies. In B.Sc ( computer - science), you will have to choose other two subjects apart from Comuter - science and as such your combination would be Computer - science, Mathematics and Physics. You could have taken chemistry in lieu of Physics and keeping other two combination constant, you could have persued the course.
    Now coming across BCS combination, you will have to undergo into the details of various subjects relating to various modules related to computers and in that way efficiency in this field can be enhanced.
    Unlike the B.Sc ( computer - science) course, which is available in numerous colleges, BCS are taught in a few colleges and they even conduct written - test to select the candidates.

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  • Both B.Sc (Computer Science ) and BCS are bachelor degree programs.
    In B.Sc Computer Science apart from Computer Science Physics,Maths/Statistics/Electronics are taught.
    In BCS the focus is only computer Science.
    BCS is offered by very few colleges where as B.Sc Computer Science is offered in many colleges.

  • Both of the the courses are basically same because they are both degree level courses. But they also have differences too. In BCS course you have to learn computer science related subjects in degree level. But in Bsc computer science course you have to learn computer science as honours subject, and other two subjects as pass subjects in degree level. You have to either choose physics or math or statistics or electronics as combination subjects.
    The main difference among two subjects is in the field of higher studies. If you study BCS then you have to learn computers in higher level. But if you learn Bsc computer science you can study any of the subjects studied in degree level in your masters level also.

  • Both BSc and BCS are Bachelor level programs. BSc. Computer Science deals with the applications of the computer and even you can go for higher studies when you complete your BSc Computer Science course. You can opt for MSc computer science and there are many institutions which provide you a higher degree. BITS Pilani is an institution where you can go for MSc Computer Science.

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