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    Query about getting NOC from Railway for state government job

    Have a query about NOC requirement for a government job? Worried what to do if no NOC is take? No worries, check out this page for Expert advice and decide how to handle the situation.

    Presently I am working in railways as a group D platform porter with a pay scale : 5200 - 20200, level 1 and my present basic pay is 19100.
    I have joined railways on 10 December 2015 and have applied for Bihar SSC CGL2 with a grade pay 4200 (scale - 9200-38200) on 2014 before joining railways.
    Now I am selected in Bihar SSC as a sub inspector
    (Grade pay 4200). Now I need to to attend Counseling which is going to held on 13 April 2018.
    Can I get NOC when applying in BSSC?
    If I don't get NOC from railway and join Bihar SSC, will it be right and will I face any issue?
    In Bihar SSC counselling I have to fill a form where it is asked if you are a government employee?
    What should be my answer? If I write yes, then do I need to submit NOC? If I write NO, then it will show false statement? Can you advice?

    NOC from Railway to get other state government job

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  • You should resign to the job in Railway department. Get it accepted by the authorities and get the acceptance letter. Then you can join in the new government job by attaching your resignation acceptance letter from railways.
    When you are joining a government job you should declare all correct information only. You should not give any false information. Even after joining also if the department gets information about your wrong declaration you all liable for any type of disciplinary action including dismissal from the service. So be careful and go as per the law.

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  • It is not clear whether you have intimated the Railway Department about appearing for the BSSC examination for selection of the present post. In case, you have intimated to them, there won't be any problem to get a NOC and relieving certificate from the Railway Department. Otherwise, you have to explain them the fact and convince them that the selection of the new post would enhance your career and also admit the fact that it was not intimated while applying for the post. If they are still adamant not to relieve you, no other option to resign on personal grounds before joining the job and inmate the BSSC accordingly. Hiding the facts would create a problem at a later date.

    Prior intimation at the time of applying a new post would help you to get NOC easily and getting the service counted after technical resignation. Thus giving false information would not only lead to disciplinary actions but make you lose the previous service getting counted. So try to convince the Railway department to get NOC explaining the facts and hope they won't trouble you as this was a Gp D post only and any well-wisher would wish a career growth of his subordinate. They would surely help you out. But be fair and frank.


  • 1. You applied for the Bihar Government post before joining Railway. So, you can apply for NoC giving detailed reason and request for grant of NOC. I expect that the Personnel Department will consider your sympathetically because you have been selected in a better position and you applied for the Bihar Government post prior to joining Railways.

    2. However, I do hope that you have not signed any bond with the Railways. It would be little bit complicated, but even then, there is a provision of transfer of bond.

    3. I advise you to submit the application for NOC and regularly pursue the matter with the concerned dealing assistant, because if it is not pursued properly, you may not receive NoC on time.

    4. However, there is a little-known provision in this regard. If you don't receive the NOC or declining the request of NOC within a reasonable period of time after submission of application (say thirty days), it will be taken as deemed acceptance of your application.

    5. It would be always better to speak/write the truth. You must mention in the required form that you are an employee of Railway and you have already submitted the application for NOC. This will not create any problem for you at a later stage. Suppression of information is always risky.

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