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    Difference in name on high school and higher education certificates

    Are you worried about spelling mismatch in educational certificates? want to know whether it will create any problem in document verification? Experts will give you advice on how to resolve your worries.

    My name does not tally in high school certificate as compared to that mentioned in all my higher education certificates like intermediate,graduation, diploma etc.
    There is an unwanted space between the name words.
    Will this create any problem in document verification?
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  • Your tenth class certificate is the basis for your name and date of birth. When there is a mistake you should take immediate action on the issue. Why you have waited so long.
    Apply to the board for correction immediately through the school where you have studied. You have to give the request in writing, you have to attach any name proof card you are having and you should mention it is only a typographical mistake. You have to attach your SSC certificate and attested copy of the name proof certificate like Aadhaar or PAN or Voter Card. If the school asks for an affidavit, you have to get it done and attach a copy of the same also. They will forward your application to the board and board will do the needful and send the corrected certificate to the school and from there you can receive the same.

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  • I don't think it would create a problem for you if the mismatch occurs due to a space problem. For ex., take these two names - Rama Krishna & Kishan Chandra Patra. If they are written as Ramakrishna and Kishanchandra Patra in your SSC certificate and shown differently with a space problem as mentioned first in HSC and Graduation certificates, you can identify a subtle difference. But I find these won't create any problem if you establish proper identity at the time of jobs and selection of interviews. If someone insists, you can submit a legal affidavit explaining the fact.

    Time and again such issues are discussed here and the procedure to be followed was explained many time in different threads to get corrected. If you want proper systematic remedial action even though delay occurs, approach your College and Board authorities to change the name as per the SSC Mark sheet/certificate.


  • Any mistake in name whether minor or major can create a problem at the time of document verification and it is advisable to get the mistake corrected at an earliest.

    You may apply for this correction to your education board by giving an application along with supporting documents in favour of your correct name. The supporting documents could be Aadhar card or PAN card or Voter card or driving license etc.

    This may take some time and once the correction is done and a new certificate is issued to you then you will be in comfort zone.

    A minor mistake like space vanishing or appearing in the name may sometimes be taken sportingly by the verifying officials and can be accepted by them but the problem is that this will vary from person to person and if they do not accept it then there will be the problem for you.

    Another alternative is you can ask a lawyer to prepare an affidavit bringing all this in black and white and get it attested by a first class magistrate. By showing this affidavit at the time of document verification you can convince them for the inadvertent mistake.

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  • My name does not tally in high school certificate as compared to that mentioned in all my higher education certificates like intermediate,graduation, diploma etc.
    There is an unwanted space between the name words.
    Will this create any problem in document verification?
    In 10th certificate my name is VIJAYPAL SINGH and in all higher education certificates name printed VIJAY PAL SINGH.
    After 10th i have complete 12th, iti, diploma and graduation. to correct name in all certificate as per high school certificate take a very long time and also a very long process. in my 9th enrollment my name is VIJAY PAL SINGH but in 10th enrollment it change to VIJAYPAL SINGH. I have my 9th enrollment slip so i want to know that i can apply to change name in 10th certificate on basis of 9th enrollment. please suggest.

  • Although it is a minor mistake, it may create problem at a later stage. No what you are required to do? You first check whether your name is written correctly in AADHAR documentation and PAN Card. If it is correct in those documents, then send a request/requests to the concerned Education Board(s) to correct the minor mistake. You should enclose the photocopy of supporting documents where the correct name of yours is indicated.

    As this is a minor mistake, I feel that, the Board(s) will rectify the mistake and issue the fresh certificate(s) depicting the correct spelling of your name.

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  • It is important to have similar name in all the documents. Though high school mark sheet is used to verify DOB and there are a lot of documents to show your DOB. But, I will suggest you go to correct the name in your high school mark sheet. The procedure of correction name is very easy. I am providing the steps in detail:
    1. Go to the official website of your high school state board.
    2. Fill the form for the correction in names. (This facility is available on their official website)
    3. You need the following documents. So scan the following documents and attached with the online application:
    a. Mark sheet of high school
    b. Photocopy of scholar register
    c. A certificate for same by school principal
    d. photo copy of Adhaar card
    4. After fill the form and attaching the documents you have to pay fess which varies with the boards. So, pay the fees by any method like net banking, credit card, debit card, etc. You can also consult kiosk if available at your region.
    5. After submitting application along with the documents and fess, you will be provided a new mark sheet through your school principal within the next 15-20 days.

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  • It is better to have the same name from Tenth class as it can create more problems in future. When applying for Aadhaar Card and Pan card the details will be different and you need to correct it first with high school certificate. It is better to have the same name in all the formats and Passport also need to have the same name. For example, Ajai B Maliackal cannot be written as Ajay Baby Maliackal, as it mentions different names.

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  • It is mandatory to get corrected all certificates and documents with similar name,father's name,Date of Birth etc., there and there on finding itself. In any organization,schools,government offices there may be chances of same name and initials,it is becoming necessary to differentiate the father's name is important. It is highly advised to get the certificate corrected. For this you have approach the necessary management 'in person' with the documents with correct name of your father rather than writing to them letters by letters. If you are delaying for correcting this, it may take time to the concerned school/college/university, in later stage, for tracing the records for correction.

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