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    What are the paid services or tool in affiliate marketing

    Have a query about affiliate marketing? Looking out for various tools and services for this type of marketing? Experts shall provide you with ample suggestions here.

    I have just started affiliate marketing with Amazon. To get success in affiliate marketing, there are free and paid services. I am currently using free service like link building, banners or widgets.
    I want to know which paid tools are available for affiliate marketing success? Price?
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  • There are some paid tools available. You can check on the internet and select the required tools. You can try the URL given here.
    Many such sites are available. Personally, you can visit and choose the required tools for you.

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  • To become successful in Affiliate marketing the first rule is to get a good Email list.
    You are required to get some tools which will help you to create a big Email list and earn good money.

    The following tips will help you to grow, as you said you are just new to Affiliate marketing:
    First thing , get a domain and hosting where you will set your website. Do not worry you need not to hire some professional website developer, but you can simply create a stunning website using the Wordpress. All you need is to install Wordpress to your domain and you are ready to start going. The website will act like a landing page to all your audience and the best way to get more people come to your website and get a good SEO score is to create a review website , where you will use the product image and provide unbiased review of the product.

    Unbiased review- Review of a product that consists of both pros and cons of the product. People like to know both the aspects of a product when they are considering buying it.
    If you only provided one sided review to them and they bought the product but did not find it the same way you told them, you will loose their trust and they are more likely not to return to your website and also advise others to stay away of it.

    The affiliate marketing is the same system of a physical shop, if you provide them good products they are more likely to recommend more people to your website.

    Lets come to the second tool you will require. You gonna need a plugin to help your people to subscribe to your news letter, this creates your list and they grant you permission to send them info about your new reviewed product. With the review you can use your Amazon(or any other) affiliate link which will take them to the purchase site.

    You need, A domain(use a sophisticated one), a hosting, an email address (preferred email ending with your own domain name) list building tool, (you may use the Mailchimp, free up to 2,000 subscribers), Getresponse, Aweber( Both Paid) these are also Email auto responder) which helps you to send emails to a vast number of people(only who have subscribed to your newsletter), and if you want to use link redirects and track the traffic you may wish to use Clickmagick, to create Stunning landing pages you can use Clickfunnels.

    These are the tools that you will require for a simple start up. As you grow you gonna need more.
    Make sure you are investing in yourself to grow. Without investing their is no big profits.

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  • Affiliate Marketers can get some great long tail keywords for writing content.

    eCommerce Store Owners can get some great blog suggestions to help rank their site better. These keyword suggestions can also be used in your about us page, your product pages, etc to rank better in Google.

    Youtube Creators and Bloggers can use a tool like this to not only get ideas for longtail keywords and content but to know exactly what buyers, watchers or readers are searching for or what questions they are asking online.

    Regarldess of what you do I'm sure this tool can help you. Visit

  • There are paid services that you can use for the affiliate marketing. Depending on how much you are ready to spend here are some tools suggestion.

    1. Localized URL shortner. This plugin on wordpress is needed because person can login from US and you have Amazon India affiliate link and such URL shortner localization can be a good option for earning commission in that country.

    2. API Shop listing. For services from the shareasale and the CJ has the API for automated shop listing. And the shop pages. So those can be used which are free. And there are some popshops etc. that can be paid in such case.

    3. Stats. There are some third party sites that shows the stats of the top performing products. And then you can choose them for promotion. So it's also a paid service. Which I am not sure open for Indian users though. Abestweb forum had the offer in their forum.

    4. Performers. There are some of the external tools that offer insight on the sales of some of the affilaite networks performing sites and the links. So this type of data may have paid price. And often not available to all. So depending on if you find such network, you can definitely pay for this data as it can save you time.

    I didn't mention the site names because most of the sites that I have came across are US only. So we can't purchase from here in India.

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