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    How does a pitot tube work and how is it used in measurement of fluid velocity?

    Want to know what is pitot tube and how it functions to measure fluid velocity? Searching for information online? On this ask Expert page you can get answers to all your questions.

    I have read about pitot tube that it is used for measurement of velocity in aeroplanes, ships etc and it may have other applications in engineering.

    Can anyone help me in understanding how does a pitot tube work and how it is used in measurement of the velocity.

    Which syllabus it is covered - in graduation in science or engineering? Any idea about this?
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  • The measuring principle of the pitot tube utilizes the differences between the pressure on the upstream side
    of a body and the static pressure on its downstream side.
    According to the law derived by Bernoulli and the energy equation, the total of the pressure energy and the potential and kinetic energy of a flowing liquid inside a pipe and in conditions of stationary and frictionless flow is the same at any time and in anywhere in the pipe.
    Examples of their applications are precise volumetric flow measurement in batch processes, continuous measurement of liquid ingredients in the process industry.

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  • It is a device used to measure velocity in pipe, wide tunnel, aeroplanes, etc. Pitot tube is completely based on its principle that if the velocity of flow at any point becomes Zero. A pressure measuring instrument used to measure fluid flow speed, especially used to determine the airspeed of an aircraft. The pressure is increased due to the generic energy into pressure energy. Pitot tube consists of glass tube. The velocity is determibed by measuring the rise of liquid in tube.

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