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    Applying for another Government job

    Are you confused about how to apply for a government job? Searching for detailed information about the terms and conditions specified in the application? Our Experts shall provide you with advice about how to apply.

    Kindly help me in giving suggestion for my present scenario depicted below:-

    I had worked in Department of Posts from 27.01.2009 to 13.05.2017 and technically resigned from DOP to join an Autonomous organization under Central Government.

    I have joined the present organization on 15.05.2017. Now I am on probation for a period of 2 years. But in my appointment letter of present employer one of the clause was like as below:
    ''You will have to withdraw all your applications, which you may have made prior to joining this post. During the probationary period, you will neither be allowed to apply for any post nor would you be allowed to appear for any interview/test.

    Now I want to apply for a post at IIT, which is in my native. For the post I ought to apply, needs 6 years experience which I already have.

    In view of the above, it is requested to kindly give your valuable inputs to how to go about this.
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  • Though you have the requisite experience to apply for the post in IIT, the terms and conditions made by the present employer while taking you into service are very clear. It is clearly mentioned to withdraw your earlier applications and also your forfeiture to apply for a new post pending clearance of your probation of 2 years. That means you can't apply for a job through proper channel, as such you would be taken as a fresh entrant into the service, in case you are selected based on your previous experience in Dept. of Posts. The intervening period you worked in the Autonomous organisation would not be reckoned and I doubt the acceptance of your resignation may also be delayed or may face obstructions due to the conditions laid down by the present employer which you have accepted and joined the Autonomous body.

    Therefore, it's upto you to take a call on this based on the merits of the new post. Technically speaking, you can't apply for any post till you complete your probation in the present organisation.


  • When you have signed and accepted the terms and conditions of an employee in a government job, you can't violate those terms and conditions. The terms are very clearly telling that you have to cancel all the applications you have made before joining this job and you are not allowed to apply for any new one. Even they say you are not allowed for an interview or test. As such even though you apply without informing them and attend the interview for the post, getting relieved from this job is not legally acceptable. Is there any clause regarding resigning or discontinuing. You have to see all the clauses of your appointment letter and understand the terms and conditions fully. Then only you have to take a call. It is risky. I say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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  • I have read the question in detail. The condition which you have mentioned '''You will have to withdraw all your applications, which you may have made prior to joining this post. During the probationary period, you will neither be allowed to apply for any post nor would you be allowed to appear for any interview/test.' is uncommon and such condition does not exist in Government Ministries/Departments/Offices or in PSUs. Such condition is prima-facie against the principle of Fundamental Rights (Right to livelihood).

    Without going into technical details on the Constitution of India, I would say that you have accepted the condition at the time of joining the autonomous body. So, if you now want to apply for a position in IIT, you are not required to take permission from your office. In case of your selection, you will have to tender resignation and your past service in this autonomous organization won't be counted. Consequently, you will not get any benefit of pay protection in IIT (provided you are selected).

    As you have yourself accepted the condition, there is no deviation from the terms & condition now. However, I would advise you to apply for the position in IIT provided this job offers better pay-scale.

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  • The terms and conditions during probation were as given below :

    ''You will be on probation for a period of 2 years from the date of taking charge of the post. The probationary period may be extended or curtailed at the discretion of the Competent Authority. During the period of probation, the appointment may be terminated at any time, without notice and without assigning any reason. On satisfactory completion of probationary period, your services will be liable to termination by either side by giving 3 months notice or payment of salary in lieu thereof''.

    My only doubt is , because IIT has asked to apply through proper channel or submit NOC whether any undertaking has to be written to IIT regaridng
    a. in the event of selection to my post i amy resign unconditionally
    b. I will submit a relieving letter from present Organization or NOC if selected.

    Which of the above 2 points holds good!!.

    Any way I will be revealing my present job as suppression of information does not hold good at any cost.

    My only concern is whether IIT will accept my view of producing a relieving letter in the event of selection, so that i can resign from the post unconditionally. Here in my present Organization, resignation of officials they are accepting without any issues, as one official had resigned after completing only 2 months service.

  • It is a very common questions asked by the young people who are changing their jobs in govt sector. As per the rules of your current employer you are not be able to apply for any other jobs. So, if you are applying for any other jobs it will be violation of rules and thus you may not get any NOC from your present company. So, according to my opinion suppress the present job from the IIT authority and apply. When you apply it does not guarantee you that you will get the job only. There are so other people who are applying for this type of job.
    So it is not good decision to resign from your present job and then apply for IIT. Keep doing your present job and then apply for IIT job. But declare yourself as fresher.

  • As per the conditions of present employment you can not apply outside and that will be treated as violation of the service contract.

    How confident are you about your selection in IIT job? If you are much sure then you can give a 3 months notice for your resignation here and go ahead with the process for employment in IIT. Only thing is you may not get a proper channel reference from this department but you can show your letter of separation or earlier job leaving to present your past credentials.

    This may be risky proposition as one can not foresee his selection elsewhere but given the circumstances nothing more can be done at the present juncture.

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  • You can apply without informing your present employer. Attend the exam and interview for the post, if you are selected get relieved from this job. Is there any bond amount? if yes resign and pay the bond amount. In PSU people are allowed to go to another PSU and govt. services even without paying the bond amount. Bond is transferred to new employer. During training and probation you can resign at any time.

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  • You need to finish your probation period which is of 2 years. After this period only, you can resign from your current job and take the post in IIT. You have agreed to all the terms and conditions in the present job it will be difficult if you take another post in the different organization. The current employer can demand money for your absence in the current period and sometimes the price will be high. You must Consult with your Head in the Posts Department and make a decision which does not hurt the current employer. If they are not allowing, it is better to wait for the probation period to end and then apply for a new job.

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