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    Want to solve a molecular weight problem?

    Do you need help with solving some chemical problems regarding molecular weight and volume? Searching for a solution here? Our Experts shall provide you with the correct solution on this page.

    1) The value of ideal gas constant is 8314 J/Kg mole K. How many gram moles of Nitrogen will occupy 1000 m3 at a pressure of 112 x 103 n/m2 and a temperature of 400 K

    2) Calculate the average molecular weight of flue gas having the following
    composition by volume. CO2 13.1%, O2 7.7% and N2 79.2%.
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  • 1. PV =nRT.
    P = pressure, V= Volume, n= number of moles, R= Constant and T temperature. We have to use this formula and calculate n value.
    n = P XV / RXT Replace the values and calculate. It will be around 0.034 moles,

    2. (13.1X 44/100) + ( 7.7 X32/100) + ( 79.2 X28/100) = 5.764 + 2.464 + 22,176 = 30. 404.

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