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    Course that will help to make my teaching profile strong

    Pursuing B Ed after doing MBA and interested teaching Economics. Wants to know how to make a strong profile and confused! Check this page to know about it from our ISC Experts.

    I have done my graduation In BBA and completed my post graduation MBA from IMT-CDL that is from distance learning mode. While I am persuing B.Ed for which I have completed only one year and intrested in teaching Economics. Kindly guide me for some course that would help me for my strong profile.
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  • B.Ed is the most asked for degree for a teaching profession. But after completing you B.Ed, if you opt for teaching you will get the teaching post anywhere in the high school. For going to colleges, as a lecturer, there is no need of B.Ed. Basing on your master's degree you have to appear for NET conducted by CBSE. Once you are qualified in that exam you will become lecturer with all benefits of UGC scale. The other way is to join in any private college you can join as a lecturer and pursue your PhD and once you get your PhD degree you will be eligible for lecturer post with all UGC scales and benefits. There is no need to qualify in NET.
    If you want to continue as teacher B.Ed is sufficient. But if you want to acquire a higher degree in teaching you can go for M.Ed.

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  • B. Ed. is the important degree for any teacher. If you want to go further study and make your profile strong you can do the following courses:
    1. M. Ed.
    2. B. A. in education
    3. Diploma in Education
    4. Master in Education
    Instead of these courses I will suggest you go out of country and take some training. Most of the big schools have this facility to exchange the teacher for 3-6 months and they send their teacher abroad. It will make your profile more strong.

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  • If interested to join a high school after the B.Ed qualification, this degree is the most ideal under such circumstances but to make your profile attractive, you need to add some other qualifications such as M.Ed or to attend any conference where latest discussion in Economics is likely to take place. The noted economists will deliver lectures relating to current developments in this area. Time to time, you will have to attend seminars organised by some eminent institution where you will dwell upon the ways how the education can be percolated in the remote village area. After the session, if you are honoured with an appreciation- certificate, this will make your profile strong.
    You can opt for NCC teacher or a drawing teacher in your school and provide suitable tips to the students so that they can excell in that field.

  • It's not at all clear to me that by saying like to teaching Economics means what?
    If you want to teach economics in high school then pursuing B Ed degree is useful for you. It's applicable for both government and private high school too.
    But after completing your MBA is it really justified to teach economics? You can join in corporate office where you get a very good salary.
    But if teaching is your passion then only go for teaching. Here also you can get a very good salary by joining in college rather than in school. For joining in college you can pursue M Ed. and then join in college.
    Otherwise you can sit for UGC NET exam. If you qualify in it you can join in any college as a lecturer.

  • BEd is mandatory for getting job in school as teacher.
    Since you have done MBA you can join in private colleges as lecturer and teach economics at graduation level ( BA etc) or at MBA.BEd is not mandatory in colleges

  • B. Ed is mandatory for teaching in schools and your MBA degree will also be beneficial to you in teaching economics.

    You have another alternative of registering for PhD in economics after completing which you have more chances of getting a lecturer job in university.

    Meanwhile after completing your B. Ed you can do some short term certificate or diploma course in some important areas of economics which may help you in presenting a strong CV.

    Some of such courses are Modern fiscal management, Microeconomics and Social economics. There may be many other areas also within the ambit of economics where you can acquire additional knowledge.

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  • After finishing Post Graduation it is good to pursue B Ed as you are having interest in Teaching Profession. Teaching profession can be efficiently managed only if real involvement and interest is there. Nowadays, the medium size and big size schools are making mandatory of having B Ed for teaching. Those who financially sound and interested to pursue teaching profession can do the BED course directly after the graduation. But those financially lack can avail the teaching post in nearly small school and get experience as well with that earning can do B Ed, On completion of B Ed in this way he/she can have qualification as well experience to get a teacher job in big school or in Government or Government Aided Schools. Accordingly to join in the nearest even non recognized school and gain practical experience.

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