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    What is the command to find website details using IP address?

    Interested to know about the commands to know the details of a website using IP address? Go through this page to learn more from our ISC wizkids.

    1) I want to know the command prompt to find the name of the website using that website IP address?
    I'm using windows 7 (OS),
    2) Using command prompt, is it possible to access that website server and edit that website details without password, let me know the step by step process and command to do this process?
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  • f you want to find out the website name using the IP address you can go to and put the IP in the first box and click enter.Then you will get the details of the website and contact information of the website.

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  • Generally server will have its IP address and not the websites which are being hosted by it. Another thing is servers are configured in such a fashion as not to allow access through IP number until unless a specifically default page is made there which is available to the inquisitioner.

    Sometimes servers are also hidden behind the reverse proxy not to let people access it through IP number.

    There are some apps which claim to access a website through the IP of its server. There authenticity is to be checked by testing them.

    If you have interest in programming then there are methods in which the host sites can be accessed through GET and CURL commands according to the HTTP/1.1 standard.

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  • Let's answer your question one by one.

    1. Command prompt does not give you access to edit the files of any random website without password. Plus in order to edit the files through command line you need to understand where in the server the files are stored.
    2. You need login and password for the user account section of the server. Without this the files can't be edited.
    3. Command prompt on windows has no such command that allows you to get information about the website.
    4. You can read the website in text form using Lynx browser or through web scraping. But website information can't be read from command prompt on Windows.
    5. You can access nameserver, IP and other details through software such as wireshark and netstat. Depending on how they work on Windows you may have some limitations with that.

  • Its very simple just you can use ping command in command prompt then in response you will get ip address for example type ping then you will get ip address. Other ways are also there and just type of google what is my ip then you will get your machine ip.
    I hope my idea will help you . Some website like also provide online facility to check DNS Name and website ip on putting simply website address so its too simple to know.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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