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    Is dropping out of Engineering a good option ?

    Not interested to continue studies in Engineering? Looking out for other options? May not be a good idea, but let us see what our ISC experts suggest you here.

    I am an ECE student (2nd year) and I have been facing a hard time studying all my subjects. Studying Engineering was never my desire, it was due to the pressure from parents and family. I was never interested in taking science in the first place (high school). I have been struggling in my studies for the past 2 years. Even though I have tried my best I am still not making it through.
    Now I don't want to do something in my life to do something I am not interested in . I did tell my parents about dropping out but they didn't let me , they just keep saying try your best and just make it through to get a degree . But I don't want to waste my time doing something I am not into . Now what bothers me is that even if I drop out I really don't know what I am going to do . I really don't know what to do .
    Perhaps a suggestion or advice may help me .
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  • Thousands and thousands of young men and women are facing the same problem. They are forced to study engineering due to parental pressure or peer pressure. Due to our unsatisfactory education system and limited employment opportunity, this problem arises. As a result of this, the future of many students are in the doldrums and the country also suffers as engineers not interested in their own fields can't be assets of the country.

    So, what is the solution? You have to introspect about your own likes and dislikes. Try to convince your parents about your genuine problem. If they are not listening to you, talk to the professors of your college and request them to convince your parents. You may talk to any other person who can influence your parents. If this does not work, complete the course and go for any other job, preferably Government jobs of general nature. In that case, you won't have to continue this boring job throughout your working life.

    I fully understand your predicament because I was also subjected to intense pressure to study engineering by many of my relatives, but my parents stood solidly behind me. So, I am immensely thankful to them.

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  • Even if you don't like the subjects, you need to pass the examination which is important. Try to take a help from your friend and clear all your papers at the earliest, because your parents have put more money into your education and you need to give back something to your parents. Clear your papers and find a job which suits you and your talent. It can be a hotel job or even a sales job. We cannot judge a person's caliber only by mugging up the things. You will find your way and I hope you will reach a position where you are dreaming.

    I have also come from same structure and I cleared my papers and I went for many interviews and got a job after many interviews. You will have to face many interviews in your life, then only we will understand our value in our life.

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  • Please make a sincere attempt to clear the course. All ready two years are over. Only two more years are there. So keep concentrating on the studies. Imagine a situation you are in the middle of a river. Going back or going forward will be same. So try to go forward. There is no chance for dropping out,you imagine. Once you are through you can think of a job which will suit your interest. Even you discontinue and join in anothe course it will take miminum three years to complete. As such I suggest you to complete the course.

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  • If you successfully complete the Engineering you will have lot of career opportunities in various fields like teaching,industry,banks and in government and non technical jobs.
    Try your best to study hard and clear the subjects and get at least first class.
    Then you can decide your career options.If you are not interested in working in industry you can join in teaching or in banks etc.
    Never drop the course as you will loose two years and you will loose many career opportunities.

  • You are in the second year and not have any option to do in future. I will suggest you should complete your course. If you will leave then you will certainly waste four important years of your life. So, it is better to complete this course and after completing this course you can apply for job in government or private sectors.
    If you are interested in any other course there are option to do diploma in that course and can seek your career in that field even after completing your main course.

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  • If you are already inside the engineering the most logical choice is to continue it in a positive way. Make sure to think positively more here because there are people who can't even crack the engineering. And they seem to be struggling with other courses. So if you are into the engineering be happy for your own self. And move on with what you can do with the current way of regurgitating the negative thinking. At this time you may feel like failure and may hear options such as drop outs did better with the career and all. But you have to be patient with your life and move ahead slowly with the investing your time and focus on competition of degree. And from there on wards you can go ahead and experiment with life. Engineering is a hard work not denying that. But you should learn a lot of things while you are finishing the degree. And it should give you an idea about making things better in the due process.

  • Frankly speaking one should not pursue a career for which one has no interest and aptitude. In your case the disaster has already happened and in between you are thinking of taking a mid course correction.

    This is a unfortunate state and is like crossing a turbulent river and thinking to come back from midway when the current is hitting us hard. As suggested by other members also the best option at the present juncture is to pursue the things in hand and somehow complete it. After that only one can decide to switch to another line.

    Please note that if you somehow manage this technical degree then this acquisition will not go as waste. Whatever new line you switch to or join it will definitely be helpful there. You may have no interest in engineering but remember any knowledge gained in life never goes waste. Life is a continuous journey of learning and you do not know at what juncture the knowledge gained becomes useful. So do not worry and concentrate in your studies and try to pass out the present challenge.

    Some people have passion for teaching, some want to start their own business and things like that. These things very well can be taken afar an engineering degree also.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I feel the crux of the matter lies in your own words."what bothers me is that even if I drop out I really don't know what I am going to do . I really don't know what to do . ".

    Probably it is this ignorance that caused you this situation.

    You now need two things -1. a definite aim and choice. 2- strong will power and self confidence.

    Divide your problem into two parts: Part I -your present situation, how best you can make it or how worse it can go?

    2. What is your best favourable subject, interesting field etc, and what you want to become in another few years.

    Let us take Part 1:
    How did you find the studies till date. Out of the many subjects did you find any subject interesting? How did you fare in the college/university exams conducted till now.? How is your position in comparison to the majority of your classmates? Did you fail in all the papers or did you fair well i some and bad in some? Are you the worst student in your class regarding studies? Did you feel that you are improving and able to gather knowledge on what is taught, even though slowly?

    I will suggest you quit if you are the worst student in your class and you have failed in all subjects in all the exams conducted till ow.
    But if you are at least 50-50, I will suggest that consult your own teachers and studious friends and arrange for some coaching or tuition and improve. You have already spent two years. To start a fresh needs still improvement. But by then you may lose even any interest left. You may even feel desperate.

    Now take Part 2:
    Part 2 comes only if you have decided to quit. What is your choice? You need to be a graduate. That means you need another three years. What was your subjects in class 12? How did you fare in them? What subject did you find naturally to your liking or in which subject you consistently fared well? Take that subject as your next study subject. Work hard and come out with excellence.

    But sit with your parents with a very calm mind after going through and thinking on the above points.
    If you really feel that you will fail, tell the parents about that. Then be clear what you will take next. Naturally you will have to lose some money as the present college may not release you so easily. Otherwise convince them to go for extra coaching or tuition. Or you go for some simultaneous certificate courses which can get you a job. You can improve the present course after the final results are out.

    Frankly, I feel that all is not lost even now. You have two more years to go. Join coaching class for the weak subjects. Join even vacation coaching. Work hard with a focus and self confidence that you can do it and win. To avoid boredom and disinterest join some extra curricular activities too. Take the help of your well wishing teachers and friends. I t is not impossible. Be practical and sincere hard working. Everything will be coming okay.

    Best wishes.

  • Choosing a right Career option is a decision of a life time for any individual.
    There are 2 aspects: 1 if you choose an option and drop half way through shows that you have been indecisive and impulsive may be even influenced by your peer group.
    2. Dropping half way through is also harmful in the terms that your seat could have been occupied by someone who genuinely would have needed it. In simpler words you have actually wasted one very valuable seat.
    please do a complete brainstorming before you decide to take up something and the even decide to drop something out.

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