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    Requirement of NOC for interview in PSU

    Does No Objection certificate required for joining in one PSU from other PSU? Go through this page and our Experts would help you out.

    I am currently employed in a PSU. I had applied for recruitment process of another PSU. I have cleared the written test and have been short listed for interview. In the interview call letter, it is mentioned to bring NOC from present employer. However, my company refuses to give NOC. I request to guide whether NOC is necessary for interview? Can I attend interview without NOC? Will my selection not allowed due to non-production of NOC?
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  • Generally, if a working candidate applies for any Government job or PSU job, the interviewer insists on NOC. However, most of the candidates don't apply through proper channel. As a result, when a call for the interview comes, they face a dilemma. Most probably, you also did not apply for this new position through proper channel or did not intimate your present office about your candidature.

    So, what should you do now? You must immediately write a detailed application seeking NOC and personally meet the Head of the personnel department of your present office. Request him/her for the NOC. If it is not received before the interview, you may at least say that you have applied for NOC but you have not yet received it. But at the same time, your request for NOC has not been rejected either by your present office.

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  • When any in service candidate apply for another job especially for a government job NOC is needed as it specifies that your present employer does not have any problem with the application for another job. It also signifies that your present employer have no objection in the decision of job change. It can be available if you apply through a proper channel.
    Now the actual problem is that your present employer is not giving you the NOC, which is unethical. If an employee of a particular organization applies for a NOC the company must give it following all the rules of that particular organization. But if you are in a probation period, and if there is any contract that you may not change your job in this period then it will create a problem. Is there any kind of rule that you can not apply for another job in probation period?
    You are not getting it. So, please write an application for praying NOC in favour of you for the interview. Keep a duplicate or receiving copy as a prove that you have applied for it but didn't get it on time which may be needed at the time of your interview .
    But it is not cleared from your question that do you have declared your self a fresher or an in-service candidate? If you an in service candidate then you only need the NOC. otherwise If you applied as a fresher for the second job, then you may not need the NOC from your present employer .

  • Thank You All for your valuable reply.
    I have declared during form filling that I am employed in PSU and hold 3 years experience.
    I have a confusion that if I don't get NOC, can I attend interview and can I be selected without NOC?

  • When you have declared that you are working in a PSU, you should produce NOC from the present employer. Otherwise they will not consider your candidature even though you are selected in your interview. So you have to convince your present employer and should get the NOC. What I suggest is try to have a personal discussion with your HR head and explain him in detail the reasons for your application for the new post and how it is going to help you in your career and ask him to help you. Then follow his advise. Still he is not getting convinced, just you give a request in writing to him for NOC and take an acknowledgement on a copy. This will help you in attending the interview. But be informed that You should get reliving letter once you are selected in the interview before joining.

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  • Whenever a person applies from one PSU to other he has to apply through proper channel so that he gets a NOC in case he is selected.

    As an employee of a PSU organisation it is mandatory that you should inform them beforehand for any attempt to get a job elsewhere.

    You may be in a temporary or permanent position in your present PSU and accordingly you will have to give notice for the stipulated period or deposit some amount in lieu of early relieving from the present PSU.

    As you have not applied through proper channel, your present employer may not be able to provide you NOC. The only recourse left now is to make a special request to higher ups for considering your case so that you can join the new PSU.

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  • While working in a PSU and interested for a job- switch from the present assignment, you need to approach the Personnel - department for the procurement of NOC and this part is essential prior to attending an interview somewhere else.
    Under the existing circumstances, you may meet the head of the personnel department and apprise him of your latest development in relation to the interview of the next job which you would like to join on successful completion of the interview. You may take a written permission from him regarding your appearance on the said interview and NOC would be released shortly.
    In the course of interview, you may produce the copy before the Interview- board and assure them of providing NOC within a very short time. You should make every effort to satisfy the Board of Interview with your best performance in the interview.

  • As your new job demands producing NOC at the time of interview so you have to produce it. Because you have already declared yourself as an in-service candidate.
    So, please do the needful so that you get the NOC easily. You can contact with the HR department. Explain them your situation properly so that you get the NOC.

  • In the usual case, the PSU will ask for a NOC Certificate. Most of the people do not follow through proper steps. If you are not having NOC, then it is good to send a legal notice to the company through a lawyer. The lawyer will find the information on applying for legal notice and also he will know the policy of the State Government for giving NOC Certificate. In your CV, if you have not mentioned details of the experience then they will not ask for NOC Certificate. You need to give resignation and should join a government job and first priority is to resign from the job and then wait for the resignation to accept.

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  • Here the core point is:
    You have declared that you are in a PSU job.So to that extent you are right.

    However it would have been more correct and proper, had you informed your current employer about applying for another job.
    But not all is lost even now.
    You have a personal discussion with your immediate boos/ or relevant superior in this regard. Convince them about the better prospects. Convince them that you have declared about your job, but as there was no need for NOC then , you did not apply for NOC.
    After discussing and convincing them apply for NOC. If they refuse, they have to state the reason. Properly applying for a leave(if not on a holiday) appear for the interview with a copy of the refused NOC and tell them the reason. Ask them for sufficient time to join in case you are selected for the need to submit resignation and acceptance of it.You will be selected if you are worth for the organisation.

    Applying for better prospects is not a crime. If you are honest and had not hidden anything, you need not worry.
    The employer cannot prevent you from trying for better prospects,provide you fulfil the conditions of bond, service period etc and if not, compensate for it.

    But be careful and do not jump with hasty steps, but only after ensuring or safeguarding your job.

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