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    Is B.Ed degree mandatory for teaching in Pvt schools?

    Is Degree in Education mandatory for teaching private schools? Go through this page to know about it from our experts.

    I have been teaching in a Pvt school in Delhi. My qualifications are M Phil, PDEM, MA. Now the school is insisting on a B.Ed Degree. Do I need to have a B. Ed degree mandatory for teaching in junior classes. Please clarify whether do I need to have a B.Ed Degree.
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  • In my view, B.Ed is necessary for teaching in government schools as the pay scale may be different from a normal teacher and a person who is B.Ed qualified. Some Private Schools also need to have a B.Ed for teaching. My relative is working in a private school, and it is necessary to have a B.Ed qualification for teaching, otherwise, your pay scale will be too low when to one who is B.Ed qualified.

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  • According to RTE it is necessary for all the school to have trained teachers. The government provide some relaxation in the rule but from 2019 it will not be possible for any school to appoint untrained teacher. If you are teaching primary school you must have D.Ed. degree but if you are teaching higher classes you must have B. Ed. degree. Govenment knows it is very difficult to have trained teachers in all the school so last year a new programm was launched to trained the teachers who are teaching in private schools. This programme is launched through NIOS. Many teachers have enrolled in this programm and now they are doing D.e. ed. trhough NIOS. This course is of 2 years. So, you must have B. Ed. dgree if you want to make your career in educational field.

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  • A degree in education is an essential qualification for teacher post. But you have done your M.Phil. You can go for a lecturer post in any private college without B.Ed also . So you have two options before you to have a suitable career
    1.Go to a college as a lecturer with M.Phil and teaching experience. While working there you can work for your Doctorate also.
    2. Continue as a teacher and try for a B.Ed degree by distance educationmode as a inservice candidate. Otherwise you ask for two years leave in the present Organisation andcomplete your B.Ed.
    If I have to take a call I will opt for option 1

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  • B.Ed is mandatory for teachers in Private or government schools.
    Since you have M.Phil you can join in any private college as Lecturer.B.Ed is nor required for college lecturers.
    While working in college you can do PhD and it will enhance your career prospects in terms of salary and promotions etc.Try to find join in college with Professors who has PhD degree.This will help you to do PhD under their guidance

  • Earlier B.Ed was mandatory for getting a teaching job in a Govt school but private schools were not very particular about it. Now due to the Govt directives to all the schools in our country to recruit trained teachers and if trained teachers are not available then only recruit untrained but otherwise qualified persons has made it difficult to get a teaching job without B.Ed degree in private schools also.

    Now in this scenario, one has to try to get B.Ed degree either by correspondence or in regular mode so that one does not lose the opportunity of getting the teaching job.

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  • In the present scenario it is advisable to do BEd either in regular mode or by correspondence.

    The job situation in our country is very tight and highly qualified people are trying to get even small jobs. So the competition is very high.

    There are so many private schools in the country that one can try to get a teaching job in one of them and possessing a BEd degree will definitely give an edge over others.

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  • For appointment in Government schools, B.Ed. degree is necessary from Post-Graduate Teachers (PGT) and Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT). These teachers teach students from VIth standard to XII standard. For teaching in primary section, PTT and NTT degrees are necessary.

    The non-B.Ed. teachers working in private schools face different types of discrimination and exploitation including very poor salary. So, it is always better to acquire B.Ed. degree if you want to remain in the teaching profession.

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  • You need any post graduation degree to teach in private schools. It is good if you have B.ed degree because in B.ed you learn about how to teach, handle students, completing syllabus,, etc. Bed is helpful for you to get selected as a teacher. You have to give your best at the time of demo where senior teacher watch your performance of teaching and your performance decide you are in or not. For teaching in government schools you must have B.ed degree. Your decision of teaching is very good because teaching is very respectful job. Teacher training is must for those who wants to make a career in teaching. There are levels defined in teaching first is TGT(Teacher graduate trainer) PGT(primary graduate teacher) and PRT(Primary level teacher). One is primary level, upper primary level ,intercollege. These are just levels and not a courses.

  • B.Ed degree is mandatory for a teacher engaged in teaching in a high - school. Practically, B.Ed syllabus contains numerous inputs and tips which will enhance the capability of the teacher to motivate, encourage and identification of the potential of the pupils coming in contact of the teacher. Such possession of qualification as per the directive of the Government would truely involve the teachers to discharge his duty effectively.
    If you are pressurised to take up B.Ed while doing the job of a school - teacher, the decision of the management is not unrealistic since by doing so, the school - authority is following the existing norm of the recruitment of the teachers. You may join the the distance mode education such as IGNOU, Manipal distance education, Utkal University etc for the persuance of such a degree. IGNOU should be preferred to other universities since they impart quality teachings apart from their doubt removal session where you can reap immense benifits.
    The other option would be to join a private college with your existing qualification of M.Phil and ultimately secure a Ph.D degree for better career - prospects while teaching in a college.

  • Nowadays, the medium size and big size schools are making mandatory of having BED for teaching. Those who financially sound and interested to pursue teaching profession can do the BED course directly after the graduation. But those financially lack can avail the teaching post in nearly small school and get experience as well with that earning can do BED, On completion of BED in this way he/she can have qualification as well experience to get a teacher job in big school or in Government or Government Aided Schools.

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