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    About admission as a fresh student in 12 NIOS after completing 12th from NWAC board

    Interested in repeating 12th standard with another Board? Wondering whether it is possible to apply as a fresh student? Check out this Ask Expert page and get all the advice you are looking for.

    Can someone take admission as a fresh student in 12 NIOS after completing 12th from NWAC board?
    And if yes, is it necessary to mention that to the NIOS board or just take admission as fresh student by submitting documents of 10th board?
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  • What is the reason, you want to do it? Are you not losing a year. If there is no valid reason doing this is not at all advisable. Instead of that, you can go for higher studies as you have already completed 12th class.
    You can do the 12th class in another stream by submitting your TC given by the other school. There is no problem. You can get admitted. But please have a thought in details and then only you should take a decision regarding repeating the same class.

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  • You should not hide the facts and your past credentials as it will hamper your career prospect at a later stage when you will have to explain each missing year of your past academic career.

    You can appear in class 12 exam again by selecting other stream and many students do it to switch between medical and engineering career. You can even appear in same stream from the same board for improvement of your score and the better of the two can be availed by you as your actual credentials.

    The irony is this that all this will waste a lot of your prime time and you should not go for it unless some compelling reason is there.

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  • Why are repeating your 12th Standard? Is it because of your low Marks? I won't advise you to repeat the 12th standard with a different board, as it will lose one precious year for you. It can be harmful when you go for higher studies. Many foreign institutions do not allow two credentials to be added in 12th standard. We can add only the best one, so advice you to take some time and understand the merits demerits in continuing your 12th Exam.

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