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    Is there any age limit for playing cricket

    Aspiring to play cricket at the age of 22 years? Searching for various options of cricket clubs? On this Ask Expert page, you can scroll through the advice provided by experts.

    I am 22 years old and a person who loves cricket more than their life. I want to be a cricketer. I know I am late because my age is 22.
    As we all know Cricket has no limit. I play cricket on every weekend with others to gain the strength and perfectness.
    Now I am planning to join in a local cricket club.
    Can you give some suggestions?
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  • I agree that 22 years age is a little late to start playing cricket. Many youths these days start playing cricket even from 12 years of age. But if you are really interested and if you can put up hard work there will not be any problem to learn cricket. Choose a good club and join there. Put up more hours of practice daily without fail. Thry to participate in local tournaments and try to get noticed by all by showing your capability in the line you choose. If there is a will and if you really want to play cricket definitely you can flourish with hard work and practice.

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  • 22 years is a little bit late, but you can overcome this by giving a good amount of hard work and determination in the work. Play for some matches in your local area and try to find a sponsor or club which promotes cricket. If you can get into local cricket club, then they can promote you by getting into the district levels. Getting into state teams also need a good amount of hard work. I hope you can get playing cricket within few years.

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  • If you have aptitude for this game you can definitely practice and make out the shortfall in coming years. Please note that having interest in a game is one thing but to adopt it as a profession or career is entirely a big challenge as there are so many good players in the fray. Everyone is trying his best to come up to top and excel in this area. Moreover the area of cricket is very remunerative if one excels in it.

    You will have to join a good cricket coaching club or academy to learn the intricacies of this game and if you get a good coach you will definitely be able to learn the advanced game more quickly.

    Try to play as much matches possible in local or district level which will imbibe a lot of experience in you for raising your playing level to state or national level matches.

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