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    Which is better for AIIMS: the State syllabus or CBSE?

    Planning to shift to a different State and follow that syllabus to pursue AIIMS at a future date? Know from experts if this will be a wise move.

    I have just completed class 10 in CBSE in Andhra Pradesh. I am in a confusion whether to continue in CBSE or in the State syllabus. I want to appear for AIIMS exam in the future, so I have decided to join in Chennai. However, my mother had a doubt that if I join in Chennai, complete +1 and +2 and then appear in AIIMS but got a seat elsewhere other than Chennai, there would be a problem due to a difference in States.

    So guide me & suggest some ways to get out of this confusion.
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  • The syllabus for state board and CBSE are almost same as both boards follow the syllabus of NCERT. The difference between the state board and CBSE board are in the pattern of exams. CBSE more concentrate on logical questions but state board does not. If you are going to appear in AIIMS it would be better for you to go with CBSE. Most of the teachers will recommend you to go with CBSE syllabus instead of the state board.

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  • State Government Syllabus and CBSE syllabus are entirely different. If you are planning to get admission into government colleges, then you must continue your education Andhra Pradesh. If you are on State Board, it will helpful for entrance exam conducted by the state. This is the best Government medical colleges available in Andhra Pradesh.
    1. Andhra Medical College, Vishakapatnam.
    2.Guntur Medical College, Guntur.
    3.Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada.
    4.Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.
    5.Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad.

    CBSE syllabus is more student friendly than state boards. If you are planning to get admission into IIT's or AIIMS, you should go for CBSE syllabus. At first, there will be more difficulties in facing the lifestyle, but day by day you will get attached to it. Hope you will become a good doctor too.

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  • CBSE examination pattern is better to test the thoroughness of the student in the subject. The student who wants to get selected in the entrance for AIIMS. As such, I feel CBSE syllabus will stand a better chance for you to get admission into AIIMS.
    But the important factor for getting a seat in AIIMS irrespective of your board, your commitment and hard work is more important. You should concentrate on understanding the subject. Mugging up will not yield you any favourable result. You should study the subject and try to understand the subject fully and practice answering the model papers.

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  • It is a general opinion that CBSE syllabus is more akin to competitive entrance exams for medical or engineering.

    I have a slightly different opinion about it. Any student who is appearing for entrance exam to medical or engineering line has to study thoughroly and should try to solve all type of questions whether they are asked in state board exams or CBSE exams. This will give not only a command on the subject but also will enhance the capability of solving varied type of questions and help in scoring high marks.

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  • It is clear from your question that you are interested in doing Medicine with specific target of achieving a seat in AIIMS. Fine, one has to set a goal to reach the target. it is also understood that you are from Andhra Pradesh, then what reasons prompt you to go for Chennai to pursue your +2 in CBSE mode? If you are from the bordering region of AP and TN, it's fine.

    For securing a seat in AIIMS/AFMC , it is always ideal to opt for CBSE mode of study and there is no doubt in it. But you have to put more effort for the same but you can't take a risk of your career as you can get a seat in popular colleges of Andhra Pradesh too as a local candidate and in colleges like OU Medical College, Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad as a non-local candidate by appearing in NEET examination. Therefore, I suggest you to opt for CBSE syllabus and study in a good college that offers CBSE in the nearest proximity of your area in AP. Otherwise, studying in Chennai would make you a non-local candidate for selection in AP and any chances of missing your ttempt for AIIMS would make you lose a good one year of a bright future. Still you are confident of reaching your goal of securing a seat in AIIMS, even a study in CBSE mode in AP would also be helpful but thhe choice is yours and the decision is of your parents. Whatever be the case, I suggest you to go for CBSE mode as your target is for AIIMS at the outset.


  • CBSE syllabus is definitely better than that of state one since the syllabus has been carefully formulated and designed by a set of professors having wide experience in their own areas.
    Instead of referring innumerable books in the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, you would do better by sticking to the prescribed books of CBSE syllabus and be familiar with the basics of the subjects. You have to be a little bit innovative to apply the subjects inputs in a different perspective so as to attempt the questions if twisted.
    Just to get a seat in AIMS/ AFMC, you should have a command over the subject - matters of different sections of the syllabus. You would come across a set of solutions comprising four in number where to select real answer would be difficult because the wrong solutions indicated in each question may appear to be correct one unless you have read the texts carefully. Hence the real trick lies in distinguishing the correct answer with your logical mind and even a minor error in the selection of the correct answer will spoil your ambition to get a coveted seat in either of the two institutions.
    Hence your effort must be backed by clear perception of the entire syllabus of CBSE in order to crack the tests.

  • Both NEET and AIIMS entrance examination syllabi are in accordance with the CBSE syllabus (applicable to all Physics, Chemistry and Biology). But I must add that nowadays almost all other regional syllabi closely resemble CBSE syllabus. At the most, there would be a variation of 10%.

    But in this connection, there is another point to mention. The entrance examination dates are fixed keeping in view the date-sheets of CBSE Class-XIIth examinations to ensure that there is no clash of dates between CBSE, NEET, AIIMS entrance or any other entrance examination.

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  • For any of the competitive exam and entrance examinations CBSE Board is better than other boards. A Board which follows universal pattern is the first choice for parents with transferable jobs.
    CBSE affiliates all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, private schools, and most of the schools approved by central government of India
    Examination Pattern: All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for Class 10 and 12. Read NCERT books which follow by CBSE board. Study by yourself which is better than joining a coaching. The reson of choosing CBSE is the syllabus of CBSE match with most of the competitive exams.

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