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    About clothing reselling and need the list of genuine sites

    Planning to resell clothing? Want to know all the genuine sites for this? You can check out this page and get the best sites which pay genuinely from experts.

    I need review about Glowroad. Name the best and genuine reselling sites? I have heard all of them pay by bank transfer method only.

    Jivaana, Meesho are also reselling sites. I don't know how they fix the profit. Amazon, flipkart are also providing these opportunities for metro cities. I need those which are paying genuinely.
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  • There are many genuine reseller sites which people are using. These sites have their own methodology for payments and other order execution protocols and for trading the merchandise through them one has to register as a reseller. As these are reputed sites they will keep a track of punctuality and business ethics of resellers and one has to be alert and proficient in that aspect.

    Some of these sites are -

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  • Each reseller sites have their own way of operating the Business. Each E-e-commerce platform has their own payment modules and delivery schedules which needs to be focussed before you start reselling your clothes. You must get a good handsome amount for your clothes if you are reselling it online. Many of them offer different rates and schedules. These are following ones which you can think of it.

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  • There are so many online e commerce sites available in the web where you can resell your clothings. As all of them are e commerce sites so they used digital payment methods like bank transfer etc. They also have there own rules and regulations for that. So, when you are reselling your clothings here you are bound to follow all the rules.
    There are so many genuine sites which pay really good amount . But I personally knows only two sites as my friends told about them:
    Amazon. com
    Shopclues. com
    You can also try for
    Myntra. com also.

  • You can visit this site. This a special site which will deal with selling and buying of various items including the reselling of clothes. The site is giving many ideas about this activity. Similarly, we have many sites which are dealing with this activity like Amazon. Flipkart and other common online selling sites. You can try all these sites for a better understanding.

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  • There are many legit websites by which you can resell your exist clothes. Before start selling read the guidelines or instructions carefully. Following cloth reselling websites are :
    1. Ebay
    2. ThredUP
    3. Poshmark
    4. Material world
    5. Timpanys

    Those above websites are genuine but as I said read the instruction and compare sites with each other to know which is best site for particular selling cloth. Before start also read reviews of the websites suggested.

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