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    Need paper pattern for MCA management 2013 CBCS, Pune University

    Preparing for MCA management exams? Searching for question paper patterns along with solutions? On this page experts shall provide you with all the answers that you are looking for

    Need Solved papers For MCA management 2013 CBCS pattern Pune University.
    Last three question solved papers for the following
    Subjects are below:
    3. Optimization techniques
    4. Design and analysis of Algorithm

    Please provide me those Solved Question Papers.
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  • There are some internet sites including ISC where you can get the question papers for MCA management course but solved questions may not be available so easily and you may have to contact some leading bookseller for guides and solved question banks for the same.

    Still, there are some sites where partially solved questions are available for different years. You can visit these sites and can try if you can download or view what exactly you are searching for.

    Some of these sites are -

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  • You can search in, which is this site and getting solved paper questions is very difficult. You need to contact the concerned owner of subject Book and can get the information from them or you must contact the Pune University for getting the previous years question papers.

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  • In your query you have not mentioned the year i,e MCA first, second or final year. Last three solved paper I mean it must be last three previous year question paper.
    Here are the few sites of Pune university where you get solved question paper for the semester and non-semester course.
    2) - This site has year wise papers solved you can select among your choice.
    The above sites have all the subjects solved papers. Suppose if you don't find them then you can try in ISC also because many have authors have posted MCA previous year papers but I hope they are only question papers you need to solve them.

  • You can browse on internet and you can definitely find papers of MCA. Search with blogspot and you can also find papers of MCA here on indiastudychannel. You did not mentioned that in which year you are and for which semester you wants a paper. You can also try on slideshare website. Download Stupidsid Study Resources application where you can get all university previous exam papers with solution. You can download this app in your android smartphone and you can also download it in your PC. Just open playstore in your phone and type Stupidsid Study Resources.

  • 1. Checked the website of ISC. The question papers on the subjects mentioned by you are not available on the website of ISC.

    2. You can search the question papers in respect of the same subjects of other universities. This would also help you in your preparation.

    3. If you visit the University (near very famous Esquare Theater, Ganeshkhind Road, Pune) during working hours, you will definitely get the solved sample question papers/previous years' question papers on these subjects.

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