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    What should I do now? I passed 12th from two different colleges.

    Have a query about studying 12th from two different colleges? Worried if this will create a problem in document verification during employment? Here, find guidance from experts to resolve your worries.

    I did the 12th exam in 2011 (session 2009 to 2011) in which I got passed. Then I gave the 12th re-exam from other college in 2012, in which I gave a similar name, address, registration number.
    My both colleges are under in Bihar Board. I enrolled in the second college directly in XII and my session was done from 2010 to 2012. Is it legal or illegal?

    Will I be declared invalid in documents verification at any time of employment?
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  • It matters whether you have completed the course or not and the colleges you have studied are recognised or not. In the present case, it is clear that both the colleges fall under the agesis of the Bihar state Board and you need not worry about the documents verification at the time of your selection for employment. Don't focus on petty things and you have just completed 12th standard and there is a long way to go in studies. But what are you doing after completion of 12th standard in 2012 as we are in the year 2018?

    Anyway, it won't be a problem for your future as long as you hold a valid Pass certificate from a recognised University/Board as far as the verification process is concerned.


  • your second attempt will be considered as division improvement. There is the chance for the student to appear in the same examination if he wants to improve his division. But there is a condition that if you will get 10% more in the next examination, then that exam or mark sheet will be considered as valid. Do you get 10% more marks on the second attempt? If yes, then your second mark sheet will be considered as valid otherwise your first mark sheet will be considered as a valid mark sheet. So, there is no need to worry. Check your both the mark sheets and decide which mark sheet is valid.

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  • There will not be any problem for you. You can keep the certificate in which you got a higher percentage. You have completed your 12th. Now the next course of action you have to think is joining in a good college for the next course. That is very important now. You can concentrate on your further studies. Select a subject which you are interested and join in the graduation course and concentrate on those studies. All the best to you.

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  • Thank you very much Everyone.

    In 2011, my score was 49% and in 2012, I passed the XII. In which I got 58.2%. Due to my low point of view, I had again examined.

    Then I did graduation in the 2012-2015 session and I passed 52.25% score.
    Is it necessary to show the 12th marks sheet of 2011 (old) at the time of document verification?

  • You have not mentioned the reason of your second appearing in class XII exam but I assume that it was for improvement. If it is so then you might have succeeded in your endeavour.

    Anyway do not hide the facts and present all of your credentials at the time of document verification. Do not feel that you have done any illegal thing. Do not be perturbed.

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  • The validity normally goes to the second one only. This amounts to your reappearance. Practically you would not have spent the second appearance as you have passed earlier. If you hide the second one question of wasting the period of second appearance will raise.

  • To appear for the examination of class twelve twice from the Bihar. School Examination Board in the year 2011 and 2012 indicate your willingness that you wanted to improve upon your performance for the said examination. However, it would have been much better to intimate the Board regarding your honest intent and you could have been supported for your honest approach by the Board.
    However, there is nothing which is likely to create a panic situation by resorting to such a step in the past. At present, your effort should be to take up admission in a well recognised college and persue for higher studies keeping in mind of the grand - results for the present assignment.
    To make delay in making a decision in this regard will create an impediment in the direction of future - goal.

  • As per your first and second query, you second mark sheet will be valid and genuine, the second marksheet is valid because you have scored more number of the percentage than the first one always they consider the marksheets which have high percentage than two. But you have not mentioned the reason for reappearing and even the subjects and the syllabus that you had opted.
    But I will let you know the reasons why your re-exam will be considered as legal.
    1) Since both your exam comes under the same board the higher marks mard will be considered as valid.
    2) If you have attended as a private candidate because CBSE candidate study from home and just go to write the exam. But your practical exam marks will be carried forward.
    3)All over the world reputed colleges considered the marks equivalent and then select among the two only if you have a genuine reason for reappearing the exam.
    If anyone of the above reason you come under then your 12th marks will be legal. Whereas your employment is considered you can confirm with the board which marksheet is taken as legal and then you can proceed with your with employment search and always produce the same certificate which the board has approved. Still, you have confusion write in detail in your next query to assist you more regarding this.

  • You may show your certificates against which you have cleared with highest score. It should not be a problem

  • I have read the question in details. My views are:-

    (a) You have passed the XIIth Board examination in 2011. There was no pending paper.
    (b) You again appeared in XIIth Board examination in 2012. As you had no pending paper of previous year, this is not legal.
    (c) You have passed your Graduation in 2015 after attending college from 2012-2015. So, we can assume that your admission in Graduation course was based upon your XIIth Board result in 2012.
    (d) So, there is no other alternative at this stage except forgetting and suppressing your 2011 Board examination. You can't divulge the details of 2011 examination result.
    (e) However, you have to prepare a plausible excuse for dropping one year during the process assuming that you passed your Xth Board examination in 2009. This may be asked in a job interview. You have to remain prepared and state that this was due to some illness or transfer of your father, etc.
    (f) I reiterate that you can't divulge the result of XIIth Board examination of 2011.

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  • In such circumstances two terminilogies are used in eudcational circles
    1.Re-appearing: a candidate has failed in a particular subject and then has taken the exam once more.
    2.Improvement: a candidate who has passed in all subject but has taken the exam once more to improve the scores.

    In CBSE, the improvement exams is valid only if taken in the year after the first result. This is correct in your case. Most boards and insitutions will consider the best of the two as the final score.

    The other important fact is that when a candidate takes exams from two boards during the same academic year (state and CBSE), then it becomes illegal.

    Some boards have clear information, for instance in Maharastra, it is called as CIS - class improvement scheme wherein the student can take a call on retaining one marks card (

    Your case sounds more like you have done you regular XII in 2011 and then as a private candidate taken improvement exam in 2012. Does your second marks sheet have the mention of improvement. Have you got a reciept from 2012 which says you have paid the fees and reason for re-appearing as ímporve marks'?

    This should be fine, I would suggest you verify it from your Bihar board or the college you studied or appeared for the second time, the administration staff would be handling such queries more often. You can use your 2012 XII card but be prepared to explain to the authorities about the gap.

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