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    M.Sc Computer Science is equivalent to B.E computers?

    Do you want to know the difference between BE and M Sc Computer Science and the job avenues for the both? Check this page to know from our experts and go through their suggestions.

    I am trying to job which require eligibility B E computer but I have completed M.Sc Computer Science and I just wanted to know whether M.Sc Computer Science is equivalent to B.E Computers?
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  • No, M. Sc. computer science is not equivalent to B.E. As B.E is a bachelor degree while M.Sc. computer science is a Master degree. M.Sc. computer science is higher degree than the B.E. I am not sure whether they will accept M.Sc. computer science instead of B.E. You can ask about it to concern department by calling or emailing.

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  • B.E. computer science is equivalent to M.Sc Computer science. But there may be some difference in the curriculum and application part. But for all practical purposes, they will be treated equally. MCA, M.Sc(Computer Science) and BE/B.Tech (Computer Science) are treated on par and will be considered for jobs equally. You can apply for the same. Some private companies these days are trying to recruitment even B.Sc, computer science candidates so that their expenditure will be less. So you go ahead and apply for the same. You may be selected. All the best to you.

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  • No M Sc is not equivalent to B.E. M Sc is a post graduation course and Before pg you have to get bachelor's degree B Sc. B.E is a Bachelor degree or Bachelor of Engineering. In short, both courses are completely different. Engineering is a part of science but science is not a subsection of engineering. You can say that B Sc is equivalent to BE computer but you cannot compare undergraduate degree and post graduate degree equal.

  • Though basically, there exists some difference in the cirriculam and the pattern of teaching, but in terms of recognition of these qualification, these are treated at par.
    Completion of a BE degree takes four year after passing 10+2, but practically to achieve a M.Sc degree in computer- science would take five years after 10+2 stage. This is because a candidate adopts an alternative rout where one studies B.Sc computer - science for three years and rest two years are utilised for completion for the post - graduation course in computers. In fact, the later qualification deals with the basic approach of the computers thereby making an aspirant sound in the theory but in the former qualification, much stress is given on the practical field.
    For all practical purpose, in terms of employment, no differentiation has been made among the qualifications like BE, MCA and M.Sc in computer - science. All are treated equally in terms of values.
    Hence, you can apply for a job where the qualification for BE is sought unless it is specifically mentioned in the advertisement.

  • M.Sc Computer Science is not equivalent to B.E. As M.Sc is a Master's Degree and B.E is Bachelor's Degree. If you have completed M.Sc Computer Science then you can go for a Ph.D. degree. You will get a good post in Engineering Colleges and your salary will be good and it will be based on UGC scale which will be good for the family.

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  • M.Sc Computer Science is not equivalent to B.E/B.Tech.M.Sc course has less focus on practicals.So most of the reputed companies won't consider fresh M.Sc graduates.
    Consider following options
    1.Get the job in some small IT company and gain some good experience ( at least 3+ years) and then you can try in bigger companies.If you have a good experience they will recruit.
    2.Join for M.Tech Computer Science.Many colleges admit M.Sc graduates for M.Tech.Prepare for GATE to get admission in good colleges and also you can try to get admission in private engineering colleges where GATE is not mandatory.M.Tech will enhance your career prospects
    3.If you want to join in academics you can try to get the job in colleges and while working do Ph.D. and based on your research field you can continue in academics or join in industry.

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