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    Naming my new house with my late father's name

    Wants to name the new built house and how it should be if named after his late father? Go through this page to have few suggestions from our ISC Experts.

    I have built a new house and I want to keep my Dad's name for my house.

    My Dad died a few years back I heard that if I want to keep my Dad's name I should suffix it with Nivas.

    Should I keep with Nivas?

    Any one help me

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  • Yes, you can keep the house name with suffix Nivas. You may try more as follows:
    Hakim Nivas
    Hakim Mahal
    Hakim Banglow
    Hakim House
    Hakim Manzil
    Hakim Krapa
    Hakim's Ashirwad
    and so many as you want. Here Hakim is for an example, you have to keep your late father's name instead of Hakim.

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  • There is nothing wrong with adding Nivas to your father's name. For example, your Father's name is Rama Rao, you can name your house as Ram Nivas. It will look nice. Similarly, you can the house as Nilayam also. In such case, you can name your house as Ram Nilayam. You can Mandir also as you are naming it with your father's name. It can be called as RAM Mandir. You can try any one of this. You can name it as RAM's. This all depends on your liking and interest. Adding NIVAS to your father's name will be the best option.

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  • It is good to name one's house in the name of late father or mother and many people do it.

    There are many options and variations and I can suggest some like (assuming fathers name as Krishna) -
    Krishna Nivas
    Krishna Smriti
    Krishna Maitri
    Krishna Kutir
    Krishna Neer

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  • So happy to read the author's intention. Nivas means living and here the author wished to make his father's name live for ever. In present days, many people owning the house after the death of father immediately change the name into his or his wife or his son/daughter's name. I saw in person in our area that a man dismantle the name plate containing his father's name of his house immediately on 13th day of his demise. My heart broken by seeing this.

  • First of all congratulations for your newly built house. Coming to your query you can definitely name your new house by your father's name. It's not necessary that you need to suffix it with Nivas or any name. A few months back even we completed our new house construction and named my father - in - laws name [ he also passed a few years back] without any suffix or prefix. It's up to you how you name your house. As per my experience, any suffix or prefix is not required. Only if your keen with suffix then you can name it with any as above authors have already mentioned.

  • Many children have the sentiments to keep the names of their parents to be remembered for and so they give their names to their new house, shop,new business venture, etc. It will be a very special emotional feeling when others talk in love, regard and respect and gratitude about our parents. To be worthy of children of such god parents children alo should do good to others and be in service to others. The guiding factor will be the memory of their parents.
    To keep alive the memory of their parents and to remember them every day, children place the photo of the deceased parents in a vantage point at their home, so that they will have the view when they go our or come in. Just as we bow to and pray to gods many children do the same in front of the photos of their parents.

    Another way is to name their new houses after their deceased mother/father.

    I have done that.

    I have named my new(reconstructed) house after my late father. I have named it as HOME.... with h &e in small fonts and OM in large font followed by the name by which my father was familiar to all in my place. So that the pronunciation becomes OM....I consciously wanted to be so.

    For example if Ram was the name then it can be HOME RAM, So the pronunciation will e like OM RAM.

    To my previous flat I had named as ....kripa, with my fathers name as surf. The suffix cn be a word that means 'blessings'. 'care' etc. After all what the residents need is the blessings and auspicious effects and memory of their parents.

  • Many new homes built by people will have the names of the grandparent or father (like you are wishing to) in southern states. It is a noble thought that you are thinking along the same lines.

    The common names for homes in South Indian include
    4. illam ( in tamil means home)

    You can add your father's name in front of one of these, If your belong to TamilNadu and father's name is Anand, then you can try any of these
    1.Ananda Nilayam
    2.Ananda Nivasam
    3.Ananda illam
    4.Ananda Kuteeram

    Some people who believe in Vasthu, numerology will consult an expert about the name and the letterings, if you believe in this practice, then you and family can make a list of the names and give it to the expert who can help you narrow down to one or two.

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