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    How much concession in airfare is offered to the senior citizens by the private airlines?

    Is there any concession offered by Private Airlines to our Senior citizens? Let us know about the details from our ISC experts here.

    Concession in fare is offered to the senior citizens by the Indian Railways and Air India etc. Do the private airlines also offer any concession in airfare to the senior citizens? In case so then how much concession in airfare is offered to the senior citizens by the private airlines?
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  • Indian Airlines is providing 50% Senior Citizen Discount on Normal Economy Class fare for all domestic flights to Indian senior citizens who have completed the age of 6o years in the case of male senior citizens and also in the case of female senior citizens.
    Air India is offering a discount of 55% to senior citizens of 60 plus on flights to USA, UK and Europe on economy class. Further, For Identity card, 2 passport sized photographs have to be submitted along with the form.
    Jetlite offers a discount of 50% on economy class for citizens of 65 years or above. One passport sized photograph required on the form along with age proof.
    Jet Airways offers a discount to senior citizens of 65 years or above. For availing discount on domestic flights, senior citizens have to fill up a discount form along with a passport sized photograph and Age proof certificate. Jet Airways also provides Senior Citizen I-Card which is available in all ticket counters and requires 2 passports sized photographs and age proof certificate. For the I-Card a very nominal amount is charged

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  • The Senior Citizens retired and having age over 60 years are eligible for 50% discount on Air India flights in the domestic routes. The private airlines like Indigo, Jet Airways and Spicejet will provide only 8% discount only on base fare. The senior citizen needs to carry a Photo Id which is valid and date of birth need to be displayed at the check-in time at the airport.

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  • Different airlines have different discount schemes for senior citizens. Some consider above 60 as the age for senior citizen while some consider it above 65. There are no uniform guidelines in this matter.

    Another thing is that they give this discount on economy fare and not on the dynamic lowest of the day so the actual advantage is not obtained.

    Anyway to get the discount one has to fill the form and give age proof and identification as already mentioned in above answers.

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