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    Higher studies for my career development

    Interested in pursuing Higher studies and needs advice. Check this page to know what to do from our ISC experts.

    I have completed Diploma in CSE in 2012 and I planned to do higher education BSc in Computer Science /IT part time for my career development and also for a good salary package.
    Please advise me I am so confused and also working as System Engineer in Chennai.Need your guidance, please.
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  • You have completed your diploma in CSE. You have passed SSC or Intermediate before your diploma that part is not clear. This information is also not available in your question.
    After diploma, you can do your B.E/B.Tech in CSE by joining in the 2nd year of regular course.You have to attend a written test and get qualified. Then you can join in the course. Either B.Sc or B.E, it is 3 years for you. So better join in B.Tech/BE. That will give you a better place for getting a job in a good company. As you are staying in Chennai and you have some experience also there are some Universities and colleges offering night college study of Engineering for a diploma with some experience. This will become a very good option for you. You can continue your job and study at the night college. To explore this possibility. There also you have to write an entrance test for admission.

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  • Since you have completed Diploma in CSE, you can go for lateral entry and thereby you can get admission into Engineering field. After you complete your Engineering Degree, either you can go for Campus Placement and you can get placed in companies like Infosys, TCS, Accenture and Cognizant. After working for four or five years, you can again go for higher studies in MBA where you will get posted as a Manager. You need to have good hard work and determination to achieve these goals.

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  • Since you have completed Diploma join for B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science second year.B.Sc Computer Science will not help you to get the job in the industry as most of the industry will not recruit B.Sc graduates.Do B.E/B.Tech only in a full-time mode as most of the companies will not recruit part-time students and will cause a problem in your career.Try to get admission in good colleges as this will help you to get the job through campus interview.During your engineering do some additional short-term courses like embedded system.This will enhance your career prospects.

    Please do not do B.E/B.Tech, M.E/M.Tech, M.Sc and MCA courses in correspondence or distance mode.Companies will not recruit people with distance/correspondence degree.Do these courses only in Full time or part time mode from recognized universities, colleges or institutes

  • Don't be so confused you can proceed further with your studies and even job career at a time together. Instead of BSc, you can try for BCA [Bachelor in Computer Applications] which has a lateral entry for the second year who have completed Diploma in CSE but it's in distance education. Madurai Kamaraj University is providing such courses. If you are working then you can try to enroll in this university as a lateral entry for BCA. By completing this degree you will skip one year ahead and need to complete BCA second and third year.
    This is offered only in distance education and as per my knowledge, only Madurai Kamaraj University [MKU] is offering such courses. After you complete the course where you can go in for MBA or MCA in the same university, meanwhile, you can work also. By following this method in 3-4 years you will definitely complete your PG graduation along with job experience.
    Once you complete graduation or PG then you can apply for any IT jobs to build up a fruitful career in your life. MCA also has a lateral entry in the same university but I am not sure about it. You can surf in net and will get the details of course.
    Why I suggested you this because I am diploma CSE with BCA graduation in the same university. Along with my BCA graduation, I had teaching experience in degree college.
    So I think this would suit you better because all the subjects of Diploma CSE are little advanced in BCA where it won't be difficult to complete graduation along with your employment.

  • You have already completed diploma in CSE so you can try to take admission in 2 years BE/BTech course to complete your degree. That is the most natural course of action for you at present.

    You are already having a job in hand. I will suggest you to find out what type of technical certificate or course will help you to grow in your career in present job. You can niche a place for yourself in the industry by planning in that way. Devloping skills is much more important than that of blindly pursuing academic goals.

    Attending correspondence course or evening college will be an ideal combination for you. Please note that making a career is a long drawn process requiring a lot of hard work, dedication, determination and focused approach. One should also remember that everything which glitters is not gold and we should not run after the mirage unnecessarily.

    Try to identify your core area where you have real interest and aptitude and then work hard in that line. There are many successful businessmen who started with a humble beginning but today are on the top of the industry.

    There are many branches in computer science and one that suits to your aspirations is to be preferred when selecting for particular certificate or degree course.

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  • Since you are already employed in Chennai, please do take up part-time courses in two sunrise areas. The first is what is called SAP Supply Chain Management. Hundreds of organizations have started outsourcing their entire Supply Chain Management operations to external, professional organizations like TVS Logistics. There is a huge demand for SAP professionals in this area. You can even switch jobs to take up careers in this vital field.

    Another course that is now having a huge demand is cloud computing. In the next ten years, am told by IT experts, that there will be no need for our laptops or Personal Computers, that have created havoc to environmental management, as e-waste management is still not a very scientific process. It is a hugely environment unfriendly thing.

    So, the IT related infrastructure will be somewhere in the cloud, managed by experts. Am told that the demand for such professionals will increase by leaps and bounds in the next ten years.

    Kindly give these courses a serious try. In this connection, you may also take the counsel of someone who is already employed in each of these areas. All the very best.

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