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    A query related to Google Photos synchronisation

    Having a problem with Google while synchronising your photos already on your mobile? Just go through the suggestions given by our ISC experts here.

    I am using Google Photos synchronisation to backup my photos. Google Photos automatically syncs the photos and videos with phone. I want to know will all the photos who are already synced with the Google Photos gets desynced when I delete few of them from my phone?
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  • First Open up the Google Phone App on your device. Next, on the top left, tap the Menu button. Then you must select the Free up the device storage so that your photos will not be deleted from the Backup. By following these tips, you can avoid photos being deleted from your phone.

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  • No, these photos will not be desynchronized when you delete these photos from your phone. You can download synchronized photos from google photo in mobile phone or laptop and desktop. To download your photo please visit and log in with your user Id and password. You will be able to see all your photos which are synchronized. If you want to remove few of them you can remove. Once you remove these photo you would not be able to see or to download these pic in future. You can also synchronize your video in google photo but it is manual and not auto synchronized.

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  • If your photos and videos have backed up to the Google cloud successfully, you can safely delete them from your device without affecting the item stored in the cloud.
    If you are missing photos then check the following:
    1. Can you see them via Picasa?
    2. Are they in the trash:
    3. If you have an Android device, go to the Device Folders menu and ensure each folder has a blue cloud icon next to it.
    4. Check the Assistant for the status of your backups

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