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    Do scrap dealer takes Thermocol in cheap value?

    How to dispose of Thermocol as a scrap and at what rate? A question making you unanswered? Please go through this page to know from our experts.

    We give our old news papers and boxes to scrap dealers who roam in our lanes and door to door.
    But do they take Thermocol as well? If not who takes Thermocol in cheap value to recycling ? Please advise if no one ready to take Thermocol then whom it can be donated or where to dispose it?
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  • The thermocol waste when burned will have harmful toxins and it is difficult to put the waste outside because if floats in the river. It is difficult to find Thermocol scrap dealers because most of them do not take such items. You can give advertisements on online sites, where you will get some contacts from it.

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  • You can try on the following websites.
    they deal with this scrap.

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  • Usually we come to get thermocol from the packing of products we buy. Hence we will have them in small quantities at our home.
    They are very soft and brittle when handled roughly directly. So scrap dealers do not take them for any price like they take old newspapers etc.

    But if we have some creative mind to re-use in our own home we may be able to do that. For example by properly cutting and covering them with suitable material, we can use them as tea cos, we can make drawings on them and hang on walls, we may use them as back support for photos frames. We may have some items which we need to protect from abrasion. There we can use these thermocol suitably cutting and pasting. We can make toys for children to float on water and play.

    Otherwise we have to simply dispose them along with other household wastes we dispose.

    However we are traders then we may have large quantity of thermocol waste, and then we may have to find other means like asking the packing agents etc.

  • Just as Venkateswaran sir suggested. Since scrap dealers don't consider thermacol a scrap we have to resort to reusing it. Thermacol is very light and tightly packed so there's no way one scrap dealer could weigh it. Scrap is brought mostly by weight. When thermacol can't be weighed properly in the sheet form we can't expect it to be taken by scrap dealers.

    Instead, you can use thermacol in various easy to fill applications. You can stuff pieces or balls of it into a pillow cover. You can pack electronic devices in thermacol boxes during travel. You can use it to cover cracks in metal pipes. You can make beautiful art works out of it and sell them. You can make your own bean bags.
    Applications are many. Be creative and you might cash out better by keeping it and any scrap dealer would have offered.

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  • Do scarp dealers take Thermocol as well? If not who takes Thermocol in cheap value to recycling ?

    The recycling market for thermacol is not profitable. We can buy new thermacol in wholesale for around Rs 200.00. Thermacol takes a large space and is very cheap, hence the scrap dealers will not be very much interested in it unless, it is a good quality and in the shape of a box that can have practical uses rather than intrinsic value.

    Thermocol is polyestyrene as remains in the enviornment for many years. Burning of thermacol releases many carcinogens and is harmful.

    Some cities have thermacol recylcing machines, wherein the thermacol is broken down into small parts and recylced as filling materials and egg cartoons. But the investment in this machine is too high for the returns, hence few of them would be around, you have to scout for it.

    Please advise if no one ready to take Thermocol then whom it can be donated or where to dispose it?

    The practical ways to dispose thermacol is to break them and dissolve them in organe peel extract/acetone. The volume shrinks drastically and can be disposed easily. The other common method is re-use it if the shape and size fits in for storage box, for crafts and art work. Many people (staff, house-keeping team) close to the offices or homes will take some of the thermacol boxes if it is in a shape and condition to be used. You cannot donate it unless it is in the form of sheets which people can use it.

    If you really want to contact a scrap dealer, then you can find the plastics and allied waste management services. On indiamart and quikr you can check based on the city and the charges for the same.

    So, in short, you may not get much for the thermacol you have, it is more likely that you will spend money to get rid of it. What some people do is once they have accumulated a few boxes, I talk to the local regular waste collectors and they dispose it for a nominal amount.

  • Thermocol boxes are of great uses in companies dealing with medical kits and medicines transport. I have worked in a diagnostic firm and the logistic department of that firm was buying such boxes at very high rates. These boxes tend to resist the heat and even the melting time of ice also slows down in the sealed Thermocol boxes. You may ask the medical shop owner if he needs it.
    Apart from the medical line, fish sellers also use Theromocol boxes heavily to keep the fish fresh in ice for a longer duration. So, if you are living in an area near a lake or another waterbody suitable for fishing, you can donate your Thermocol boxes to the fisherman or can sell at a reasonable cost.

    Apart from the above-mentioned uses, you can use them as a table with storage as they are quite thick and strong to withstand some weight easily.


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  • Thermocol are also known as polystyrene. A product made for human help and nature's disaster. Anyways let's come to the point.

    I don't think you will have enough Thermocol to make something with it. Even if you do have, It will take a lot of work and nobody have this much time these days. Going to places and asking to people if they need them; asks a lot of work and your time too. So the only option is to dispose it off. What you can do is:

    1. Cluttering of good pieces that you can think are of your use.
    2. Look for MCD garbage spot near your house, and they will take care of it.
    3. If you don't need any of it, throw it all. As you wouldn't have bought it in first place. It would have came along some household stuff you bought.
    4. If they are in really good condition, and really huge amount then you can ask your neighbors if they need it. Kids love playing with such stuffs and mostly need it for school projects. You can ask neighborhood kids too.
    5. If they are plane sheets of Thermocol, sell it to a stationery shop.

    And if its not really important to you. I'd suggest to dispose it, because when you cut low quality Thermocol it creates loads of mess which sticks all over body and clothes and even harm children if they swallow it or get it stuck in their ears or nose .

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