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    How to upgrade android car music player?

    Want to know how to upgrade Android software for car music player? Find more from this page about the tips to resolve the issue from ISC Wizkids.

    I have zip file of latest update for car music player from JVL company. Music player is Android operating system based. Many of the latest Iphone and updated Andriod cellphone are not compatible so have to upgrade it. But even if I connect USB to player the upgrade option is not getting enabled. What are step by step things to do?
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  • Now an Android Auto Software has been launched and it would run mostly on Android phone and we do not need any car new or dashboard display. Android Auto app is an updated version of the current app and it gives easy to use phone interface while you are driving inside the car. It limits notification alerts and also includes text messages to read aloud and you can respond it by using your voice. The Android auto app which is new is free to download and it will work on Android devices having a Lollipop version 5 or above.

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  • If you have a computer, just connect your Android in and drag and drop music from your Tunes to your phones music files. As far as sound quality is concerned, it may vary on different devices.! Don't swap your 4s for a infuse. It would be better to swap with a Galaxy S2 or a newer device with a dual-core chip-set.

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  • That's not a zip file but Ota updates file which you will need to locate the OBD-II connector in your vehicle using OBD-II wireless scan tool device. Search on YouTube for step by step tutorials. If you couldn't find it then follow my second paragraph.

    Second possible reasons is who XDA would develop a custom ROM to offer updates for your Car Android music player. Whatever the fact is, it cannot be updated.

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