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    How to learn the French language at home

    Interested to learn the French language from home? Go to this ISC page to know about it from our experts.

    I am a Freelance Content Writer. I have a desire to know the French closely. For this, I want to learn the French language. Please, guide me on how to learn French without going outside. You can name the genuine portal offering online support on the French language.
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  • Go to for learning French language at home. You can also search on youtube channels as How to learn the French language from home and you will get a good amount of search results which matches your criteria. Learning any foreign languages makes you good when you travel to Europian Countries.

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  • The following ways can be tried:
    1. Watch French cinemas and try to understand the language. Try to purchase a good English to French language dictionary and try and get all commonly used words in French. See the names of the articles and items in your house in French and label them. There will be many youtube videos in the French language. Watch them.
    2. Flash Academy is an app which will scan, recognise and translate all objects. The App will have object translator in built. It is a very good App for increasing your vocabulary.
    3.Check out your local community college or university. Though the class might be more expensive, being a student and having access to the facilities lessen the expenses.Find a language school. These classes are often much cheaper, smaller, and offered on nights or weekends. If you live in a fairly diverse area, one shouldn't be too far away.
    4. Keep practising the language. Don't hesitate to talk with anyone who knows the language.
    These tips will improve your language skills.

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  • Firstly learn how alphabets are pronounced in French. For Indians, pronunciation of French words is typical because this is not our native language. There are some websites in which french native teacher teach french words and sentences by video series. You can search on YouTube French-pod. There are lots of videos YouTube you can search and learn. I know some french words like Hi is pronounced salute in french. Hello is pronounced Bonjour. If you start speaking french then other languages can be easy for you to learn and pronounce.

  • Thanks a lot for your support.

    In my opinion, I should do the following things to learn the French language at home:
    • Learn to write and pronounce the French alphabets at first
    • Prepare a list of the most common French words with English or your mother tongue subtitles. Start learning a fixed number of words on a daily basis. your learning comprises of how to pronounce the words in French and use in making French sentences. Listen to audios or watch videos for learning French. Take support of translation in the beginning
    • For reading, search a book on YouTube with texts and audio. Have a close look at the written texts and imitate what you listen to
    • Watch movies and French programmes as you get the basic ideas about the French language. Watch French movies as much as you can do
    • Start speaking French whenever you get the opportunity for it or practice speaking French in front of the mirror if you have no one to speak with

  • Here is a quick money saving option. Download Duolingo. You can learn any three languages at a time. I learn German,Spanish and French myself from Duolingo. It is available on Android and Windows platforms.

    Duolingo assists you with pictures. With sounds. It is the best app in the world for learning foreign languages.

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  • A language should be learnt by any one if the speaking facility available. Learning French is good only through a private teacher or through Alliance Franchise in your or nearest area. Frequent talking in that language only makes one fluent otherwise little by little everything will get forgotten. Many students learning English or Hindi in schools are not familiar in speaking though they scored a good or high marks.

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