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    Scoring above 95 percentage in CBSE grade 10


    My child is in grade 10 CBSE and I want to know the strategy to score above 95 percentage.
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  • I am giving my frank opinion in this regard. 95% marks in aggregate are abnormal. It may be natural for a student to get 95% marks in one or two subject, which is/are his/her favourite, but getting 95% marks in aggregate is abnormal. To get such abnormal marks, a student has to prepare abnormally well in all subjects coupled with proper strategy and systematic way of writing answers.

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  • Scoring 95 percent in CBSE pattern exams is something asking for too much. Given the situation and stiff competition across the country, even one mark more than the other candidate may have lots of jumps in the percentage and position. If your child is maintaining the average 90 to 95 percent from the beginning of 10th class, there is every chance to surpass even the 95 percent mark. Again it all depends on the paper in all the subjects and how best your child would deal with each subject. But as per me if a child scores 90 percent in CBSE exams for the 10th is considered superlative.

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  • In my opinion, it is not advisable to think about having any strategy for the child to score 95% when he/she is studying in class 10.

    In case the child had been an outstanding student since class 1 or so, then he/she will automatically score the maximum possible percentage of marks to the best of his/her ability. However, in case the scenario is different then it will be too torturous for him/her to put pressure for scoring as high percentage of marks as 96%.

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  • Expecting 95% marks to your child is natural as a parent. I don't suggest any special strategy for this. Already your son's abilities you know by this time and you might have seen his marks in the other classes so far. I think seeing those percentages only you might have decided this benchmark.
    Generally these days many students are scoring higher percentages in group subjects but in Languages getting 95% may be a difficult task. So don't remind him always that you should get more than 95%. Let him study in his own way and if any unknown subjects are there try to clarify those points and let him understand the subject well. It is better to cover all the portion and make him answer some of the previous year's question papers for getting conversant with the examination pattern and planning the methodology to answer the question papers so that he will not get confused and he understands the adjustment of timing.

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  • If you the thread carefully, the author wants to know how to score above 95%

    Based on what I understand
    CBSE 10th means many students and parents aspiring to get the perfect 10 CGPA.
    Each subject maximum you can score is A1 (this would include external and internal marks, 80:20)
    A1 would mean 9.1-10 so the average is 9.5.

    In CBSE terms, if you have to convert into a percentage (CGPAx9.5)
    10 CGPA is 95%
    9.5 CGPA is90.25% so on.
    Some candidates get an upgradation, but you cannot upgrade 10. So, Students cannot score above 95% in CBSE.

    I stand corrected if any teacher or parent has a better information

  • I think parents should not give any kind of the target.Children as per their interest must choose it.If parents set up target it will become a burden.Scoring depends on the practice and revision.In CBSE it will be more difficult.So hardworking matters.Increase in competition will matter in today's world. Not only the hard work of holidays but daily revision yields better Success.Time management is also important even while learning and an exam.And do not mug up the topic, make yourself understand and learn.Prepare 'why sheet' to give confidence and why you must study.write all the things as motivational topic encourage yourself to avoid mood swings.List all the topic allot time required for each and follow it.After revision go through all the topic and at last using practice paper write an exam as you write in examination center to come up with the speed in the exam.
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