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    Why traditionally surgery is a male dominated field in medical science?

    Is surgery a male-dominated field still? If so, what are the reasons? Let us find whether the argument is true from our experts.

    Generally we seldom come across female cardiac surgeons or orthopaedic surgeons though we do find female eye surgeons or gynocologists performing surgeries. Are there sufficient female surgeons in India? Why traditionally surgey is a male dominated field in medical science?
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  • Surgery in Medical area is the most important thing and requires precision like a craftsman. It does not mean that the ladies are not good in crafts and can not do surgery. The reason lies elsewhere.

    Women are tender-hearted and soft natured and it is a fact bestowed upon them by the mother nature. Some women may be strong but most of them will be hesitating in dissecting or surgery. This is the cause of less number of women as surgeons.

    Now things are changing and they are also coming in general surgery though their number is still very small as compared to the male surgeon.

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  • We can see that number of females are coming to the medical field, but the number of female surgeons who gets into the field is very rare when compared to Males. Between the year 2010 and 2014, the female physicians increased by 24 percent. During the same period, there was only 11 percent increase in the number of males. Now 33 percent of Males select general surgery while only 14 percent of females selected this field. For studying medical surgery one needs to have the good amount of physical fitness which is not possible for the females.

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  • As far as I understand, surgery is physically more taxing. Some of the complex operations are conducted for over six hours. So, although the number of female physicians has increased a lot, female physicians don't generally prefer to become surgeons. Female surgeons are comparatively less in India, but not at all rare.

    I hope over the years more and more female physicians will opt for surgery and they would become as successful as their counterparts in different fields.

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  • The observation made by you is correct. The orthopaedic and cardiac female surgeons very less. In other areas these days we are finding more female surgeon in all fields. But still, the number is less only. Traditionally many patients especially heart patients prefer to go to the surgeons who are very famous and having a lot of experience. These heart specialists may have to attend the cases any time 24 X 7. Probably the females will have s restriction on their timings. That is why many female doctors may not prefer these areas.
    These days ladies are competing with males in all the fields and they are getting a very good name in their fields. So sooner we will see the females also in these areas also.

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  • In India we have a good number of doctors who are women. When it comes to specialization most of them decide on a career with their family commitments in mind. Women doctors have a tough time balancing the needs of being a wife and mother and also their career.

    Under such circumstances, they tend to choose meidcine, dermatology, pulmonlogy, radiology etc, where in the need to be on-call, the need to be in the hospital for long hours or getting stuck in emergencies is relatively less.

    In a surgical specialty the doctor has to be prepared/have enough time to spend in the out patients, in patients and in the operation theaters for planned and emergency surgeries. This is more demanding and has an impact on personal and family life. The added hidden stress associated with surgeons being in high pressure situations becomes an addition burden. Very few would not prefer surgery for the physical needs that a busy surgical or an orthopedic surgical practice commands.

    There are women in surgery/orthopedics and they are encouraged.There are women surgeons in many branches of surgery like obesity surgery, transplant surgery etc. In England, the royal college of surgeons have a dedicated wing, women in surgery (WinS) to promote women surgeons.

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