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    Caste certificate in case of inter-caste marriage

    How to get caste certificate in case of inter-caste marriages? A serious doubt that haunts many. Have a look at this page to know how to proceed from our ISC experts.

    My father is Hindu-Nair and my mother is father deserted us and died when I was 6 years old. I was born and brought up in my mother's protection.All my school certificates are in my mother's cast(Hindu-Ezhava).
    Now I have to submit caste certificate for a job purpose. I have gone to my village office and they are saying I am not eligible for Hindu-Ezhava certificate. In this situation, what to do?
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  • Normally the caste is decided by one's father. You can obtain certificate in your father's native village authorities by explaining the situation etc., if you need in your father's caste. Or otherwise approach the village authorities of the native of your mother, where definitely persons known your mother will be there and they would help you to get the certificate.

  • In General, the caste of the child will be the caste of his/her father only. Whatever facilities and reservations the father's caste attracts the same will be applicable to the children,
    But the supreme court in one of the cases like this for an appeal No: 654 of 2012 dated 18/1/12 held and cancelled the verdict given by the high court and asked the concerned to look into the case basing on the evidence submitted by the candidate.
    So there may be special provisions for getting the reservation. So what I advise you is to contact a good lawyer and put your case before him. He may guide you properly.

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  • Can the editors consider shifting this to ask the experts?

  • Your Caste will depend upon your father and you can get the certificate by visiting the hometown of your father and you can give a fresh application for attaining the caste certificate. If they are not willing to give, then you can visit the hometown of your mother and give an application there for getting the certificate.

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  • 1. As per normal practice, a child acquires the caste of his/her father, in case of inter-. caste marriage, except in some special cases.
    2. I assume that if you acquire the Ezhava caste, you will get benefits of reservation. So, you want to adopt this caste which is your mother's caste.
    3. As you are no longer in the custody of your Nair father and your Ezhava mother has brought you up, as per my understanding your case will be treated as a special case as mentioned at Point No. 1 of my answer.
    4. So, you have to write an application to the District Magistrate (DM) giving details of your case and certificates from local Counselor or MLA indicating that you are brought up by Ezhava mother and you live in Ezhava surroundings. Your application will be considered by the DM, he may call you personally for further inquiry and will take an appropriate decision.

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  • When your father left your mother long back, what was the modality of separation? Is there any divorce document available with your mother? That might have proven useful for you in getting the caste certificate as per your mother's caste.

    Anyway, you can approach the village/taluka of your mother and give all the details of your parent's marriage and the year of their separation and the present occupation of your mother and apply for your caste certificate based on this background.

    You will have to provide the identity proof and address proof in respect of yourself as well as your mother and other credentials as available in that village/taluka after which the authorities there (like tehsildar or SDM) will issue the certificate to you.

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  • In India, this issue is faced by many children of inter-caste marriages. The general guideline or rule to be understood is, one cannot change the caste just for the sake of seeking the priviliges of the lower caste.
    Children assume the caste status of the father except in special situations.One of the special circumstances would be, being raised by mother who belongs to the lower caste. In your case, this would be valid because, you have been nutured by your mother ( hindu-Ezhava).

    Please go through this judgement ( ( and similar ones, approach a good lawyer who can give you the current evidences to support your claim and approach the Thesil/Thasildhar or the VAO. If still you are not being granted, then the lawyer can guide you to get legal help after filing a case.

    While you are in the process of selecting a lawyer, please ask your mother to have all the relevant documents related to her, absence of your father and death, evidence that you have being brought up by her as per her caste traditions.

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