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    Which special facilities are provided in five star hotels as compared to other hotels?

    Ever wondered what is so special about the services & facilities offered in a five-star hotel? Know on what basis hotels are rated and which are the exclusive types of facilities offered in five-star ones.

    Hotels are classified generally based on the star rating. What is this star rating? Why are hotels said to be either 3 stars or 4 stars or 5 stars, etc? Which type of facilities are given to the customers who stay in five-star hotel accommodation? How much they need to pay?
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  • The five-star hotel will have a free buffet breakfast.
    They will have a paid laundry service.
    They provide wifi service. Some will charge extra for this and some hotels will provide free.
    They have a saloon for which you have to pay separately.
    There will be Gym and Swimming pool.
    They will have restaurants and also room service.
    They will have a mini bar in the room with a refrigerator in the room.
    They will have a bar and drinks will be supplied in the room also.
    They will provide brushing kit, shaving kit, soap, shampoo and moisturiser free of cost. Shoe Shine will also be provided.
    You will have an intercom which can be used within the hotel and you can connect to outside numbers also. But charges will be very much on the higher side.
    The tariff will vary from city to city and the type of room you opt for. It will vary from Rs.6000/- to 25000/- per day.

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  • The five-star hotels will be having a special spa in the hotel. The price per night for the five-star hotel is at RS 10,000. There will be buffet service and private chef available at the hotel. The daily maid service will be available at the hotel.

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  • Those two, three, four and five stars are ratings of the hotel which is given according to their quality. In fave star hotels they have fancy gym, spas and swimming pool facility. Staff will be knowledgeable, helpful, well versed in all aspects of customer care and combining efficiency with courtesy. Big name 5 star hotels often charge big amount of money in the name of comforts and extra comfort services offered by them. The number of rooms and restaurents, ame 5 star hotels often charge big amount of money in the name of comforts and extra comfort services offered by them. 5 star hotels provided serivces by estimating the rewuirements in advance.

  • Rating of hotels gives the prospective customer an idea o what all facilities he can expect. In India the star rating is given by the special accreditation committee called HRACC , which is under Ministry of Tourism.
    However the accreditation is voluntary and has to be applied for with the prescribed formalities and fees.
    The parameters for rating are many and spread from the front office staff to waste management, parking facility, 24 hour coffee shop, room service etc.
    They also range regqarding the communicationfacilitieslike phone ,fax email , internet connection, etc and safety and security. The parameters also consider availability regarding other guest services like valet parking, wheel chair,dry cleaning and laundry, etc. The rating considers the hygiene and quality of kitchen and food and drinks supplied and made.
    It may not be possible to list out all here.

    We can get more specific details on visiting the web site of ministry of tourism ( and searching for "REVISED GUIDELINES FOR CLASSIFICATION, RE- CLASSIFICATION OF HOTELS WITH EFFECT FROM 19.01.2018"(URL-

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