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    Letter format to apply to the college HOD for inability to appear for exams

    Looking for a letter format to apply to the college HOD to be excused from exams? Let our experts provide quick help.

    Kindly help me to write an application that I cannot attend my sessional exams of college due to mother's health check-up. I wish to know the format for such an application, addressed to the HOD of the department of our college.
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  • To
    The Head of the Department of .................,
    Department of .......................,
    The college of .......... ........ ..........

    Dear Sir,
    I,< Name>, will not able to attend this sessional examination that is going to be conducted on DT......... due to a personal problem which is very urgent and can't be postponed. As my father is not available on the date in my native place and my mother has to undergo an important health check-up and the report is to be submitted to the Doctor who will be visiting our place only on that day. As I was left with no other choice, I pray your good selves to grant me leave and allow me to be absent for the examination. I will attend the exam on any other alternative date decided by you as per your convenience.
    I request you to kindly do the needful.
    Yours Faithfully,
    sd/- Station
    (NAME) Dated:
    Class and reg No.

    always confident

  • Although, I have enclosed the letter format, please be prepared to be questioned by the HOD about why the check-up has to happen exactly on the day of the sesssional exams and also anticipate him/her asking for a letter of support from mother's treating doctor.

    Your details
    The Head of Department,

    Subject: Request to grant leave of abscence from the sessional exams.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to update your kind self regarding my predictament related to the sessional exams this semster. My mother is suffering from X,Y and she needs her medical consultation and investigations as part of the treatment plan. Unforutnately, this check-up is carried our by the specialists on particular days and my mother's appointment clashes with the exams dates. Due to unaviodable circumstances, I am the only person who is around to take my mother of her health care needs. This is more important at this point of time. I would request your kind self to allow me to take care of my mother's health by granting me leave on the days -----.
    I assure you that, I will take the exams prior or after these days in the college.

    Your Sincerely,

    Name, Year, Branch/Division.

    Please find enclosed the dcotor's request/appointment booked at the hospital.

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