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    Is Diploma a good option after 10th or better to do 12th?

    Confused about the option of doing Diploma after 10th or continue to pursue academics and complete 12th first?

    I wish to know what is the level of difficulty of the Diploma course in ECE (electronics and communication engineering) engineering after completing 10th from CBSE board?

    After completing diploma in ECE engineering, what are the difficulties in pursuing a degree in ECE engineering?

    What is the better option for ECE engineering from these-
    A) after 10th - diploma in ECE engineering

    B) after 12th - degree in ECE engineering

    Also, what is a good option - to stay in the hostel or at home?
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  • To be precise it makes no difference. The number of years you are spending are same. The diploma is 3 years and then 3 years degree. Otherwise +2, 2 years and 4 years degree. the admission for diploma after 10th is by a written test. But intermediate admission there is no entrance test. You can get a seat in a good institute basing on your 10th marks.
    After diploma admission to BE 2nd year is by admission test and after intermediate (+2) admission to B.Tech Ist year by a written test.
    But these days many people opt for +2 than diploma as once they complete +2nthey will have more choices whereas in case of diploma the chances of higher education are only in the concerned Engineering subject.
    You have to take a call based on your interest and financial position.
    After diploma, you can join in a job and improve your qualification by night college or through distance education mode.
    So the decision should be taken by the individual. After my SSC I have opted for my +2 even though I got a seat in diploma. But my brother opted for diploma after 10th. He completed his BE and now he is well off. I have completed my PhD and I have also settled into my life well. So we can't say this path is better and the other path is not better. Whatever way you have selected you should work hard and try to excel in the studies, then you will have a better chance of settling well in the life.
    Coming to stay in the hostel or with family, I suggest you settle with family if it is possible to go to college daily from your house. That will be more economical. Why wasting money and not having the comfort of home food.

    always confident

  • If you do Diploma after 10th standard, your language skills will be poor. It is better to do the Diploma only after 12th standard. You will get good opportunities after completing your 12th standard. You can go for lateral entry programme after completing your school studies. You will get lateral entry into the second year of Engineering in Electronics and communication and will get good job opportunities after completing the degree.

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

  • If you are good in studies and apprehend that you may not be selected for diploma course after 10th then you should continue and do diploma only after 12th.

    The option for engineering degree after diploma is also there and if you go for engineering degree after 12th that option is always there.

    The crucial thing behind all these options is hard work and focused approach in any line you select. A particular option has no merit over the other one if the student does not take the course seriously. Today there is a lot of competition and rush for jobs. Only the meritorious can secure a good career.

    Some students are a bit introvert and shy and are hurt by petty actions. They should try to have a bachelors or paying guest accommodation rather going for hostel. For example during my post graduation I preferred a private single accommodation rather than hostel.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The best option for you is to do 10+2 and then B.E/B.Tech in ECE.
    If you still want to do diploma then you can join after 10th.After diploma, you can join for B.E/B.Tech second year directly.
    Dont join for diploma after 12th as you will waste two years.Instead, join B.E/B.Tech after 12th.
    There is no difficulty in pursuing Degree after diploma.

  • If you consider the total time after passing class and ten, both the rout would take the same time. After passing the tenth Examinatin and then persuing the Diploma in ECE, time consumed in such a mode will be three years and later taking up a course of BE in ECE would take additional three years since you would be admitted in the second year of Engineering subject to clearance the written and oral test set for further perusal of BE. Consider the later option where you spend two years for 10+2 and later four years for the Engineering - degree completion in ECE. Time - span for both the cases is the same.
    Whatever, the mode is selected to achieve the end result, you should be dedicated to your mission and should stay focussed in your studies so as to get the best result.
    However, I would select the later part ie an option to pass 10+2 first and later to join a Premiur Engineering college of four year duration to achieve BE in ECE. Such an approach would not create any ambiguity later with respect to any change in terms of mode. But in case in opting a three year diploma and later to join an Engineering - college of four year duration may not materlise in the event of failure of the written test being followed for admission. In that case, you will end up with a certification of Diploma only.
    As regard to your last query, you may choose either of the option leading to achieving your ultimate goal.

  • In my opinion, doing a bachelor degree in IT or engineering is a great option for a brighter career. If you do not want to invest so much time in the study and want to get a job soon, go for diploma after 10th. However, doing diploma after 12th would be a good choice.

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