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    Regarding mismatched surname in parents name in important documents

    Worried about mismatched surname in parents' names in important documents? Quick check out the answers provided at this Ask Expert page to know how to get this resolved.

    I in deep confusion regarding surname of my parents. In 10th and 12th certificate they have their names as "VIJAY SHANKAR PATEL" and "RUKMANK DEVI PATEL" but in other documents like Aadhar, driving license, Voter ID and OBC certificate they have their names as "VIJAY SHANKAR" and "RUKMANI DEVI". So Am I going to face huge problems, especially during document verification for any government exams? If so, how to resolve this? Is there any application procedure to have the requisite changes done in the IDs/documents?
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  • Yes, you are right you may have face problem at the time of document verification. It is better to have the surname in all the documents. So, your 10th and 12th mark sheets are correct. Now go ahead to correct the name in other documents. First I will suggest you go to adhaar kiosk centre for the correction in Adhaar Card. On the basis of your mark sheet, it will easily be corrected within 48 hours. After that go for the correction in the other documents like driving license, voter Id and caste certificate. Correction in Voter ID needs more time almost 2-5 months so first make some photocopies of voter ID and then submit your application for the same.
    If you do not want to add surname in the documents then go for the correction in mark sheets. So, first consult you principal of the school and see what is written in the school scholar register. If the surname is mentioned in the school scholar register then there is a very lengthy process to correct the name. If the surname is not mentioning in school scholar register, then you can apply for the correction. To, correct the name in mark sheet you have to visit official site of your board and fill online form for the correction in name/surname/father's name/ mother name. After filling the form you have to scan the following documents along with the fees. The following documents are necessary:
    1. Mark sheet of 10th and 12th classes
    2. Photocopy of school scholar register
    3. Photocopy of Adhaar card
    4. A certificate for the same by your principal of the school.
    After filling the form, your new mark sheets will be issued and you will get it through the principal of school within 20 days.
    But I will suggest you correct the other documents like adhaar, voter ID, etc for not getting any problem in future.

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  • In my opinion, you need not worry much about your father's name. But there is a mistake in your mother's name. But for your admission and job they never ask the Aadhaar Card or PAN card of your parents. As long as you have the same name in all your documents including the Aadhaar and PAN card if you have, But if there is a difference from one of your document to other documents then you may have a problem. It is safe to go for correction of both the names. You can attach a copy of Aadhaar Card of you parents and apply for correction in your documents through the institutes where you have studied. You have to apply in writing through the institute as suggested by the head of the institute. You please contact them and do the needful at the earliest. You have to get it corrected in all your certificates where ever your parent's names are mentioned.

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  • First, you need to change the surnames of the name and need to correct it very soon. At first, make changes based on 10th and 12th Mark sheets. Make sure that your name is correct on these mark sheets. You need to visit any Akshaya center and give an application for making changes in the Aaadhar and Election Id card and also in Driving licenses.

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  • Any mismatch in names can be a matter of inconvenience and embarassment at the time of document verification.

    There are two ways to approach these problems. First find out what is your parents name in their original birth certificates or school certificates. Has it changed in their Aadhar card or Voter card? If so, then better get their Aadhar and Voter card corrected as per the standard procedure by visiting the Aadhar center or designated bank branch.

    In case the parents names are consistent in their credentials then better go for change in names in your school certificates or marksheets by applying for correction to your education board. At that time you will have to provide the authentic credential of your parents so that the same may be incorporated in your corrected school certificates or mark sheets.

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  • Surname is very important and popular in all states except Tamilnadu. Since this is the nature it is a vital thing that correctness should be made in all relevant certificates then and there. It is essential to go in person for getting corrected if any mistake find. It is not advisable to keep on correspondence. Moreover the earliest action is good as the documents searching delay or expenses might be incurred.

  • I understand that your parent's names are wrongly mentioned in your own educational certificates. Yes, if this discrepancy is allowed then you may face various problems at the time of employment or while acquiring property or at the time of applying for the passport. So, you should apply to the Education Board from where you appeared in Xth standard and XIIth standard examinations. You should apply giving documentary evidence of your father's correct name and mother's correct name.

    However, if the mistake is not rectified, you have to sign an affidavit before a First-Class Magistrate in your city giving the correct names of your parents. You have to publish two classified advertisements in one English and in one vernacular newspaper indicating the correct names of your parents. You are also required to permanently preserve the original affidavit and original advertisements.

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  • You have your parents full name in your 10th and 12th certificates but the rest of the documents have a different one. First check with your parents and decide on their given names.
    Vijay Shankar Patel, would mean first,middle and last name, likewise Vijay Shankar would mean first and last names. Because you have a OBC certificate and would be intending to use this for the job quota, clarify.

    Option A:
    If your parents names both have patel in the end, then you need to change the aadhaar,DL,Voters ID and OBC certificate.
    First check that you have proper evidence for the full names (first,middle and last) of both your parents. IF they do not have proper documents, then you need to get an Notary affidavit done for both of them stating their correct name. Then print in one English and one vernacular language and keep both copies with you. Now you have a valid document regarding the names of your father and mother, you can proceed with the rest.

    Aadhar card change:This can be done online or at the government help centers close to your place. This is the aadhar card name correction form, you cna download in from the government site(
    The documents need for name change would be proof of identity, you can choose from these(

    Then you can go the RTO for the name correction in the Driving license, you would need an ID and address proof, the original DL, Correction form and the required fees. Some states have an online option for this service too.

    For the OBC certificate, you need the have the similar ID proof documents of your parents and yourself and then approach the Thesil/Thasildhar/Village administrative officer under whose judristion your area comes under. Then get the caste certificate alos changed.

    Option B:
    If your parents names are going to be only Vijay Shankar and Rukmani Devi, then you need to change your 10th a 12th marks certificates.
    First get the affidavits for both parents as mentioned above with their first and last names, prepare an application letter to the 10th and 12th board stating the request of the service you need, forward it via the school/college principal.
    Please check your PAN card also, if you are applying for a passport or have a passport already, kindly verify parents name in it because, if their is a mismatch, you would have issues when you apply for a visa in the future.

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