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    Work profile of Indian Railway Traffic Service

    Want to join Indian Railway Traffic Service? Find out from this Ask Expert page what are the work responsibilities and if it involves a lot of hectic schedules.

    I would like to know if the commercial wing of Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) is hectic. I cannot do a job which involves dealing with the public at a hectic pace. I only wish to work at a job where I go to work in the morning & return home in the evening with stress-free work. Hence I wish to know the working hours of IRTS and if I am suitable for it. Also, is there any Group 'A' service in the Railways which fulfils my above-mentioned work criteria?
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  • Commercial wing jobs of railways that to at clerical level are very stress-free and you need not worry about the job after coming home and till you go to duty the next day. They have a good pay package and benefits. Ther are chances for career advancement also if you are willing to take. You can have travel passes for self and family. So I think you need not worry about the burden taking home. So try your best and get into it.

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  • If you are working in the Train operation department, then your work will be hectic. You will have to work for long hours during this time. There are two departments like Commercial and operation. In the railway department traffic service is an earning choice for railways. Working in the operations department will be very hectic and in the commercial department, the officer needs to understand the rules and regulations.

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  • The main jobs in Railways can be broadly sub-divided into three categories, viz., Operating, Commercial and Signal. Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) officers are selected through Indian Civil Services Examination. They join the Service at the Divisional level of Railway and are posted at Divisional Headquarter or large stations. Their job profile (in operation/train movement) includes controlling the movement of the trains in their respective Sections(under the Division) and related work including smooth and unhindered movement of passenger trains and goods trains.

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