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    Query ITI certification

    Interested in getting ITI certification? Wondering how to get the certificate without giving the exam? On this page you can go through the advice provided by experts.

    Want to appear for an exam to get ITI certification but do not wish to attend classes at an ITI institute.
    Know with expert advice if this is possible and the procedure for it?
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  • It is not possible to get ITI certificate without attending the classes officially. But I heard some colleges will enrol students and never insist on their attendance. By collecting extra fees they will mask present and allow you to write the exam. If you fare well and get the required marks you will be declared passed in the exam and you will get your certificate. But if you are working in a government job you can't do it. You can locally enquire the private colleges available in or near your place and do the needful. However, practically you should have hands-on experience otherwise there is no use of your ITI certificate.

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  • This is another spoon feeding expectation. On one side people are crying that their degrees obtained through distance education are not recognized by employers and on the other side fraudulent ways of obtaining degrees. To be frank with you the ITI is a technical based mere obtaining certificate is useful to you.

  • ITI is an application and practical based course. It gives stress on application based knowledge rather than academic knowledge. So, even if some institute offers to arrange this certificate without attending classes (including practical classes), the students must not fall in the trap, for their own sake.

    Students of ITI must attend classes. learn their subject both theoretically and practically and get proper employment. Short-cut methods would not ultimately help the students.

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  • You can not get ITI degree without attending college and there is no value of such degree.ITI course involves practicals, so it is mandatory for the students to attend the classes.Never think of getting certificates without attending classes as it will never help in your career

  • Getting a certificate or diploma from ITI requires a practical training also without which it is not feasible to allocate a certificate of proficiency to the students. If any institution is giving such certificate or degrees without practical training then they are simply manipulating and doing an unethical thing to earn enhanced fees.

    One should be cautious of such institutions and avoid them. Learning without gaining skills is a useless process and will affect the career of a student adversely.

    One can join a part time or evening college for getting such certificates or diplomas. If you are already in a job you must do it with permission from your employer. We should involve in any activity related yo our careers through proper channel to avoid embarrassment at a later stage.

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  • No, It is not possible to get ITI certificate through the exam without attending the classes. ITI is the practical base and practice makes a man perfect. So, attend the class, and train yourself in your trade. It will provide you perfection which is necessary for practical workers. ITI is a job oriented course and you can start your own business after getting ITI. You can also apply for government job after ITI.

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  • Everything is possible in India. You can get ITI Certifications without attending classes and some institutes can help you in doing it illegally.
    In my opinion, you should never go for admission into an ITI course to the institute offering certifications without classes. ITI requires you to have a practical knowledge of the trade you choose and practical knowledge is essential in today's throat-cut competitive world. With practical knowledge, you can make your career in the private sector or start your own business if you do not get selected for a public sector job.
    Avoid getting ITI Certifications without theoretical and practical classes (knowledge).

  • ITI stands for Industrial Training Centres wherein trianing in given in techincal fields so that the students can start look or employment or self employment in motor and machine related sectors. This two year course comes last in the line after a BE, B Tech in the engineering sector. Some people complete ITI and then take a lateral entry into a degree course.

    It is obvious that you cannot get any knowledge without attending the classes. If for some reason you do not have time, money and are currently in part-time employment or employment based on your 12th education, you can always join an evening college or even distance education degree course and complete it. IGNOU is one the largest distance education university that has many study centers all over India, the fees are very reasonable and also you have a grace period to complete the degree.

    IGNOU also has a ' VIEP' vertically integrated engineering programme (2-6 years), here student with only a 10th standard pass also can take up a diploma or degree course, complete, exit for employment and then re-join for higher studies of Mtech etc.

    Please consider this instead of trying to be misled by illegal centres that can create fictitious attendance register and get you an ITI certificate. Even if you get one and join as an employee, your lack of knowledge and skills would stand out.

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