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    How to attain perfection in writing and speaking English

    Do you want to gain perfection in writing and speaking in English? Check this ISC page to know how to learn good skills from our Experts.

    English is a global language and having sound knowledge of it helps a person make his/her career better and brighter. However, the influence of his/her mother tongue works as a barrier in his/her way of learning how to write and speak English fluently. In such a scenario, what a person should do attain perfection in writing as well as speaking English.
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  • Contact process is the best way to grasp something. If you don't want to get ill, expose yourself to the outdoors more. If you want to lose stage-fear, go out and speak before the crowd.
    In the similar way, to learn a language, to write and speak fluently, you have to publish your writings somewhere and speak out your thoughts somewhere.

    Mother tongue influences English in two ways. One through the phrases in the mother tongue. For an example, I cannot say "He has become 9 2 11" in English if I wanted to make sense but that phrase holds good in Hindi as "nau do gyarah".
    This can be easily cut down because English language offers a wide variety of phrases to compensate. How to learn phrases then? Observe the native speakers. Their phrases. Their idioms. Vintage movies are an excellent source if you're after phrases. Because movies are the creators of most phrases we use today.

    The other way that mother tongue influences you is when you are confronted with a pronunciation that's seldom used in your mother-tongue.
    For an example; many Malayali people call a 'well' as a 'welll' with an extra flat on the L.
    That's because of their language itself.
    In the similar way, Telugu people say "bard" when they are supposed to say "bird".
    This can be corrected easily again through thorough reading of phonetic and stress marks of the word.

    So..go through phrases. We all can speak English. But to understand a language well, we need to learn its phrases. Then go look for the pronunciations. This will make you be understood better. So you've understood and made understood now. The purpose of communication and language are fulfilled.

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  • To become more fluent in the English language you please follow the following steps so that your vocabulary will increase.
    1. Read English books as much as possible. Here Reading doesn't mean going through the pages. Read word by word and understand the meaning of each and every word. You can keep a good dictionary with you which is a standard dictionary. While reading if you come across any new word, use the dictionary and see the meaning. Once you know the meaning make two or three sentences of your own using that new word. That will make you remember the new words.
    2. Daily take an English daily like The Hindu in which you will find good English. Read the Editorial without fail. See the dictionary for new words and remember the meaning and the word.
    3. Don't hesitate to speak English. Initially, you may find it difficult but slowly you will get accustomed. Even if you don't know the correct words don't hesitate to write and speak the language. Sometimes for certain words, we may know the exact English words. In such case temporarily use the word which you in your local language. But make a point and afterwards know the word for that.
    4. Generally, we all think in our mother tongue. But you start thinking in English. This will make you know the language very well.
    By following the above points you can improve your English language skills.

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  • Perfection is a relative term in regard to language and communication. The optimum to be expected is that the listener or reader understands easily what we wanted to communicate. without any loss or disruption or misinterpretation.
    By learning the grammar etc and practising under proper guidance and teaching, we can reach to the maximum extent i regard to written language. While the basics are learnt from a teacher and enhanced by self learning and reading a lot and writing more and more, more expertise can be achieved by regular practical us only.

    But in the case of spoken language as there can be difference in pronunciation, and there is more chance of miscommunication or mishearing and misinterpretation, we cannot achieve perfection to that extent. Moreover spoken language has effects of our mother tongue and the geographical area we live.

    However for the normal practical requirements of uniformity, one has to learn the common basics of grammar and syntax academically under a properly learned teacher. Then the knowledge has to be enhanced by participating in interactive exercises of speech, debates and conversation with those who can handle the language better and more correctly . For refining pronunciation, it can be achieved by interacting with those educated in that language and who have that language as their mother tongue and/or using it for normal communication.

  • My suggestions to attain perfection in writing and speaking English are as follows:
    1. Get basic knowledge of the English language at first if you have not. In basic learning, be familiar with all the twenty-six letters (English Alphabet) and learn similar letter or letters of the alphabet of your mother tongue. Learn or memorise the most common words with translation in your mother tongue of English. Translate the sentences of your mother tongue into English and vice versa.
    2. Once you get the basic knowledge and start comprehending the English language, stop translation into English & vice versa and do direct language practice. Direct language practice enables you to start thinking in English and this leads you to attain perfection in the language. For direct language practice, write what you see or think from early morning to your bedtime and get it checked by an expert or the applications like Grammarly and Ginger Grammar Tool. Speak the same and you will get rid of your hesitations gradually. Watch English programmes and movies to have an atmosphere of English. For reading and listening to the written texts in English, you can take the support of YouTube and DVDs/CDs. Whether you find a mate or not, speak English as much as you can.

  • My suggestion to attain perfection in writing and speaking English are:
    1. Get the knowledge of English. Learn its grammar. Though the direct method is the best you must have some grammar knowledge for writing.
    2. Watch the programmes in English every day. It will give you perfection in speaking English. You will learn how to pronounce a word perfectly.
    3. Read English Newspapers, magazines, comics, etc in the initial stage of learning to improve your vocabulary.
    4. After that start reading English novels. It will really tell you how to make sentences and how to use adjectives to make your sentences more effective.
    5. You are reading this thread it means you are on ISC. I will suggest you share on the forum on the regular basis. It will improve your writing skill. After forum section, you can concentrate on article section where you will get perfection in writing.
    6. See English movies as much as possible to get perfection in English.
    I will suggest you go to direct method of learning do not waste your time to learn grammar more. Basic knowledge of grammar is necessary. So, take the basic knowledge o grammar and then try to learn through direct method. Direct method means listening and reading. We all are good in our mother tongue. Why? Have we learned the grammar of our mother tongue? No, we know our mother tongue through direct method. We do not know its grammar but have perfection in it. So, try the direct method of learning.

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  • Learning any language requires continuous efforts, practice to write and practice to speak and this is true for English language also.

    Basic grammar is essential to start with and building vocabulary slowly and gradually will facilitate in improved communication.

    In learning a language the most important thing is the frequency of using the words or sentences. More we use them more they come to our tongue quickly. Practice makes a man perfect.

    Reading newspapers and rewriting those columns in your own language without seeing them again helps a lot in learning English. Precis writing and expanding ideas are other techniques to get a grip of a language.

    Speaking English also requires a lot of repetition and pronunciation practice to excel in it. Nowadays pronunciations are easily available in the online dictionaries and one can practice it there.

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  • Attaining perfection in English is a gradual process that is influenced by the age and previous exposure to the language at school or in daily life. A good command in English both spoken and written definitely gives you the edge over others at national and international platforms.

    Depending in the present level of English skills, the suggestions would slightly vary. To start with the simplest step forward would be to talk and have conversations in English with friends, clients and people as far as the situation permits.

    Social media is a good tool to use, instead of just watching forwrds and vidoes, get into the habit of being a creative writer. Write on simple things a few lines at a time and then post it in your groups. For example, today, the PM has assured that 'our daugthers will get justice' in realtion to the shameful rape case that has rocked the country. IPL is going on, so, choose a simple fact and then start expanding on it.

    With the mobile devices, you can start downloading apps, like memrise,babbel,word games. The British councel has support on the internet ( They also hold courses, that you can check out.

    Reading newspapers, short stories and watching English news, watching BBC news and documentaries help you to get exposure to good quality spoken English. Most people ignore the Enlgish paper supplementary, please checks these special editions or Sunday times. These 4-8 pages have good short articles on a common subject, that authors write in a professional manner. I have learn't a lot from such articles ranging from a roadtrip, classical dance, debate on law/ gender inequality etc.

    Get registered in interactive sites like ISC which have excellent content in terms of professional articles and help topics. Here again, in ISC you will have a chance to interact in forum. Gradually you can pick up your skills.

    If you like movies, watch English movies, courtroom dramas etc with the sub titles, this helps you get the habit of reading and hearing the words and phrases etc. Once you have done this for a month, then start learning proper grammar, explore creative writing like an essay, a summary etc.

    There are free grammar software ( like grammarly etc), you can type a short article, then save it, then use the software to get the correct it, compare the mistakes, it's like self learning exercise.

  • There are many ways to improve english and be perfect in english but how you approach ways is important. There are many students completed english speaking course of 3 months still they are not perfect in english. They cannot speak and write in english in a right manner. The reason is practice if students do practice everyday then defenitely their perfection in english starts improving. Talk with someone who knows only english language. You can watch english movies and cartoons. Pay attention to punctuation. Read english newspapers. For one month, stop talking in other languages. When you read any paragraph alone or in front of others then read it loudly because this way pf reading is a great way to build that clarity in your speech.

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