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    Is a new career path in journalism & mass communication advisable?

    Planning to switch careers from an engineering one to that of journalism & mass communication? With expert guidance, you will know the job opportunities and its future suitability as a career path to take up.

    I decided to drop out from engineering as it wasn't doing any good to me. So I am searching for a new path to focus on, one where I can focus on my strength and excel in it. So I want to ask the experts about their opinion on a career in journalism and mass communication.

    Do you think that it would be a right career path? Would it help me to get good job opportunities and thus help me to move ahead with my life?
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  • Which year of engineering you are studying. To have a better career in journalism and mass communication, you should complete a degree. So if you want to discontinue you should aim for completing BA and then you can do a post graduate diploma in journalism and mass communication. Then you can opt for a good news paper company or a news channel for training. Once you are successful in training you can join a good organisation as journalist.if already completed the major course of engineering then complete engineering and then do PG Diploma.

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  • Making a career in any line requires that a person should have aptitude for it. Joining a line without interest and aptitude is a sheer wastage of precious time and money.

    As per your narration, you had joined engineering course but later abandoned it. It means it was not your cup of tea.

    Now you want to switch to mass communication and journalism and want to know whether it is a good line or not.

    Presently there is a large competition in every area whether it is pure science, humanities, engineering, medical, management or any other stream. So one has to be doubly sure before entering a new arena that one has a passion for it and one can exert to the desired level of hard work to attain the goals.

    In general, the field of journalism also requires a thorough homework and sustained and persistent efforts to excel in this field and if you feel that you can do hard work in this area after obtaining the degree or diploma in this line then you can definitely come on the top and secure yourself good remuneration.

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  • It is the matter of interest. There are career opportunities in every field. You have not mentioned presently what are you doing. If you are doing engineering I will not advise you to switch yourself from the engineering to journalism mass communication. If you are interested in journalism and mass communication you can do diploma in this field. You can do a degree and a diploma course simultaneously.

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  • You want to change from engineering to journalism career. How many years of the engineering course have you completed. What is the money you have spent so far.

    A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. In our case you have half of engineering and the dreams of a journalism degree and job. I would suggest, while you are deciding stay on the course, complete it. Having a bachelor's degree gives you a golden fall back chance of plan B, if your dream career does not take off. You will realize the value of this only when you face this situation.

    Journalism and mass media communication is all about having the right skill set of intution, tenacity, presence of mind, thinking on the feet, ability to do odd hours, be on the move, take calculated risks and plenty of networking and contacts to get a tip off, breaking news etc. This sector is also very competetive, many newcomers work under a popular channel as research and back office support kind of role.

    Currently, in India, a candidate can pursue one regular stream degree and one distance learning course. Why not think of utilizing this chance to complete you BE and also enroll for a journalism course from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Please check out the school of journalism and new media studies ( This degree would be UGC recognized.

    You need to have a good command of English and regional languages, be able to write creative, be expressive and outgoing and have good computer and presentation skills.You can browse for more inputs on starting a career in journalism (

    Once you have the basic degree, then it would be a good idea to do an internship under a reputed media house or a TV news channel or a print-house. (

    During the final year of your bachealor/ during internship, if you find a key area of interest, then give a thought about doing a further post-graduate course in media/journalism.You can choose from, Indian Institute of Mass communication, Asian college of journalism, Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmadabad etc. This would help you to climb up the career ladder.

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