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    Best option for 12th pass student for career as an IAS Officer

    Unsure whether to pursue BBA or an engineering course in order to become an IAS Officer? Get quick counselling & career guidance from this informative Ask Expert page.

    I've passed my 12th class in PCM and scored 83% in it. I want to clear UPSC CSE and become an IAS officer. I have to two fixed options to choose from, to pursue BBA from a reputed college or to pursue engineering from a private college. I need to resolve this quickly because of the time constraint of applications and exams. Keeping in mind that I have no clue about BBA but I'm inclined towards math and physics, please solve my dilemma.
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  • As you have completed your 12 th standard, and you are aspiring to become an IAS officer, first you have to complete your Bachelor degree from any Government recognised institution.
    And as you are in dilama to join whether in BBA or Engineering. My suggestion is to join in the course in which you have more confidence and as you said you are strong in maths and physics. So, it is better for you to join in engineering rather than BBA. But one more thing you should keep in mind that, BBA course is 3 years duration and engineering is 4 years duration. So, if you join and complete BBA course, you will get one more year to prepare for UPSC IAS exam. And also if you join in BBA course, most of the topics related to IAS exam will be covered.
    And age limit to apply for IAS examination is 21-32 years for General candidates and age relaxations will applicable as per UPSC regulations.
    And there is limit to apply and write IAS exam and the limits are : 4 times for General category, 7 times for OBC category and no limit for SC and ST candidates.

  • Your ambition is to become an IAS officer. You are through your 12th class. You are interested in Mathematics and Physics. Concentrate simultaneously on IAS preparation and degree completion. What are the subjects you want to select in your IAS exam? You join in degree course with those subjects which you are planning to take in your IAS test. For example, you want to select Physics and Mathematics as your subjects for IAS, I advise you to join in B.Sc with these two subject in the three group subjects.Then what you select in your graduation will be useful to you for your IAS. If you select BBA pr B.Tech, your subjects in IAS may be different. So you should think in that direction and go ahead. For an IAS officer, basic qualification can be any degree. So you can even select BA and concentrate from now onwards on your IAS preliminaries.

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  • It is a nice thing that you are having an ambition to qualify in IAS. It is in fact the right time to start preparing as this is one of the topmost competitive exams of our country and the best brains try their luck by appearing in it.

    As you will have to select some optional papers in IAS other than the compulsory ones, you have to keep it in mind while going for engineering or BBA. If you do not feel these as subjects to be chosen in IAS then you might have to change your strategy by ignoring both engineering and BBA and go for simple BA or BSc. Do not feel surprised as many science students opt political science or geography or economics to score more in IAS.

    Please remember your main objective is to qualify IAS and not completing simple engineering or BBA degree. The selection of optional papers is the crucial thing in IAS and one has to ponder a lot before fixing them. It a matter of scoring not a simple percentage.
    I would like to add further that solving a number of earlier question papers in IAS pertaining to those subjects is also a great help in building up the confidence for this endeavour.

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  • You have an inclination to qualify for IAS and hence your objective should be to opt for such papers in IAS examination which will help you in raising your scores in the said examination irrespective of non-inclusion of such papers at your Bachelor degree stage.
    You have indicated your inclination for Mathematics and Physics and as such you are interested in Engineering course, but one thing I want to make it clear that these two subjects would be the part of curriculum up to the fourth semester only and for the rest of semesters (up to the eighth semester) other subjects would be covered having equal importance in respect of earning impressive marks. So you can see that your objective is met partially with respect to your interest.

    BBA - a degree in management is quite good where you have to apply the logical concept in enhancing your business skill. Preparation of such subjects would not be that much time consuming if you are sincerely involved in your studies.

    Now coming for the preparation of IAS Examination, you need to choose papers in such a way so as to get maximum marks with your available time and in that way, you can concentrate on your chosen papers with the allocation of reasonable time. I would like to add one interesting point that an aspirant having chosen Geography, Philosophy and History etc have outperformed in the IAS examination despite the fact that these papers were not included in one's degree examination.

    I would not discourage you for your inclination for Mathematics and Physics but you should be acquainted with the vastness of the course especially Mathematics where you would come across innumerable formulas and their applications while solving the problems. You have to have excellent command in Vectors, Differential - calculus, Integral - calculus, Differential - equation, Electricity and Magnetism, Algebra, Solid Coordinate Geometry etc (the list is endless) and for attaining impressive marks in this paper would take your lot of time and so the preparation of other papers would be affected. Needless to say, Physics, too, is a vast subject covering the details of many natural phenomena such as Mechanics, Heat, light, Sound, Electronics etc where you need to have maximum concentration so that you can excel well.

    So your strategy for preparation should be somewhat different - choose the papers wisely where you can secure high marks with the less time consumption. You have to allocate your timing for current events, general English and application of Grammar and essay writing where your skills are to be tested apart from the optional papers chosen in the IAS examination and hence an intelligent planning would be the key to your success in such a competitive Examination.

  • If you want to become an IAS officer then I will suggest you not to do engineering. As you have completed 12 standards you have to get bachelor degree to be an IAS officer. The engineer will not be a good choice for that purpose s you will not get enough time for competitive examination. I will suggest you do BBA or simple BA so that you can get enough time for the preparation of competitive examination. It is very essential from the very first year of the college. Some tips for you are as below:
    1. Do plan B.A. to eligible for competitive examination.
    2. Read newspaper daily to update yourself.
    3. Read the magazines of competitive examination and prepare yourself from the beginning of the first session.
    4. If coaching of IAS is available then join it at your nearby areas.
    5. Improve your English.
    6. Try to improve your IQ level so that you get success in the competitive examination.
    Hope this tips will help you to become an IAS officer.

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  • It is good that you have fixed a target to become an IAS officer. Many people say Indian Civil Services (ICS) examination is the toughest examination of the world. To get success in the examination, you must start preparing as early as possible.
    First thing first. The eligibility to appear in the Civil Services examination is Graduation in any discipline. So, you can take admission in BBA or B.Tech. This would not hamper your chance in ICS examination.
    As per my understanding, the General Studies paper is the toughest (both in the Preliminary and in the Mains). So, you have to start an in-depth study of current affairs (both Indian and international), Indian History, Geography, Popular Science, different schemes of the Government, Sports and Centre-State relationships. Regular and systematic study of newspapers, periodicals, sports magazines would help you to remain up-to-date. And you have to start NOW!
    In addition, it would be better to choose the optional papers for the Preliminary and Mains. Thereafter, you should go on studying these optional papers in your Graduation days. Always remember if you start early, pressure would be less.
    After completion of Graduation, you can take admission in a good coaching academy for the interview.
    So, take admission either in BBA or in B.Tech and start studying the subject along with our own preparation of ICS examination. Three-Four years of systematic preparation will definitely help you to achieve your target.

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  • For appearing at the Civil Service Exam conducted by the UPSC, minimum qualification is graduation from any recognized college/university in India. Therefore, complete your graduation first with a focus on CSE. This will help you cracking all the three stages (PT, Mains and Interview) as soon as possible.

    As far as your selection of a Bachelor Degree Course (BBA or Engineering) is concerned, I think you should value your interest. It is your interest that will help you in doing the best in your graduation and the CSE (UPSC). Both BBA and Engineering are good for scoring high in the graduation and the CSE. Best of luck!

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